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  1. I like it! Epiphone always does a nice job with the artist run of guitars. This looks like a winner.
  2. "Blenching for the Karl" Is that not a U.K. Punk band? "Explicit Earl" the Steve Earl cover band
  3. Drog


    Just type in crazyparts into your browser and links will pop up. Or try this link http://www.crazyparts.de
  4. I find the build quality the same/similar as the offerings by Epiphone.
  5. The LP Custom is a custom shop guitar as others have said , built to the same high standards of the other custom shop pieces. The Custom is no longer a core line, meaning they are made in smaller, limited runs. So finding a new white custom might take a bit to find in a store. Lately they have released more speciality tops and colours. Another option for the LP Custom is the reissue '57 or the '68 Custom. These will both be in ebony. You could also do a made to measure (M2M) guitar, as this is a special order custom, you get to choose all specs and colours and so you get exactly what you want. Have fun with your search for a new guitar. LP Custom's are great guitars!
  6. Drog


    Hmmm, almost looks like a fret had been replaced?
  7. Drog


    The bindings and nibs are HAND scraped. The guitar is put together with the binding, then painted and then hand scraped. The person that does the work has a razor device that they use to scrape the paint off the binding. When I did the factory tour I watched the person do it and she was amazing , quick and precise. Being human, sometimes the person digs too deep as we see here. That is what you get when they are hand made like this. It's what gives a Gibson it's charm. Like it or leave it but at least it was made with human hands and not a machine.
  8. In testing the Xvive system, I find you can only go about 25’ -30’ before you notice lag when playing. But that is enough for onstage use, for most places. One neat thing I tried was two of the Xvive systems for a complete wireless FX board and guitar. That was fun! One last note on the Xvive is that on a top mounted output jack ( like a strat) the transmitter stands out like a bulb on top of the guitar. I also see that Boss just announced a wireless system. WL20 & WL50 This will be interesting.
  9. Must have been quite the “trip” lol 😂
  10. Love the Skinner burst and Teles. Interesting that he uses a burst driver LP.
  11. What a horrible thing to happen, my friend. I am glad your family is all ok. My thoughts are with you in this difficult time.
  12. Did they check all of the bracings? I had a guitar that had a split brace and it would buzz when played. Drove me nuts.
  13. Far too often??? I think that statement is egregious. From my experience that has not been the case, I have purchased ten custom shop guitars since 2015. So by your estimation I should probably have seen a few guitars with glaring issues, so not the case. Each one has been a perfect example of Gibson products. So am I lucky or are people exaggerating the truth?
  14. It says it's a USED 2016 model right in the heading? Also, and I quote from the write up "What a gorgeous Les Paul! It is in excellent condition with only a professionally repaired ding on the horn. You can see some slight discoloration with the repair but it is smooth to the touch. The guitar includes the original hardshell case and COA." Many people keep that sticker, use a different pick guard or like myself take it off altogether.
  15. This is how Gibson guitars get bad internet press, everyone thinks it's QC issues
  16. Yeah I have been holding off until we hear more news.
  17. M2M program is awesome! Saving up for my my M2M as we speak.
  18. When I tell the kids “ in my day” or “ when I was your age”
  19. The ship takes on more water...
  20. Drog


    Maybe Eric's dad will chime in, because you know he is bigger than your dad.
  21. Robo tuners were a fail because no one took into consideration that to do alternate tunings properl, you really need different gauge of strings to compensate. This is why you have multiple guitars, and set then up accordingly. Not to mention that metal on metal was a bad frictions point and the tuners many times did not tune to pitch. Plus you had to rely on battery power, which also caused tuning issues. Just a flawed idea that was pushed onto its customers, even when customers were against it. Still he blames the very customers he hopes to sell to. Suicide in business I would think. I love Gibson guitars and feel they make wonderful instruments but...it's time for Henry to step aside and for someone else to run Gibson. Time to pass the torch. As for Fender...they have their own issues and not to far behind Gibson.
  22. Drog


    These are cool guitars, but every one I have tried have been really heavy. Love that red! Rock on!
  23. The guitar looks great! Enjoy One upgrade I would do is put on a compensated wrap tail bridge. Mojo axe makes one, I have one on my wrap tail CS-336 and intonates perfectly. A great product. http://www.mojoaxe.com
  24. Drog


    yup that works nicely!
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