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  1. I have done Nashville (Gibson USA and Gibson Custom Shop) and the Memphis tours. I even did the Epiphone tour in Nashville. All of them were fantastic and eye openers, great people working there. Hoping to do the Bozeman tour of Gibson acoustics one day.
  2. “Perfect Pitch” = throwing a Chibson into the dumpster and not hitting the sides... perfect pitch 😁
  3. Always a good guitar first. I can play through any amp if needed but I am super picky when it comes to my guitars. The neck needs to be just right. I have a Kemper profiling amp and that gets me any amp sound I need.
  4. Drog


    I am a fan as well, have an ES-349 and love it !
  5. Wow! That's a lot of detail. We need more pics.
  6. The new Gibson nitro is not like the stuff from days past. I tried to get a guitar to check and left it outside in -25 for hours and then brought it inside, did this several times and even used a hair dryer to try to shock it and... Not a single crack. I would still be cautious however if you really don't want nitro cracks. To me the biggest worry is always humidity and guitar necks warping or sharp frets, especially when being shipped to a new destination. It will take a few days to acclimate and truss adjustments are to be expected.
  7. Drog


    Fantastic looking R0, enjoy that beauty! Congrats
  8. Have been enjoying the Winter Olympics and the stories of the athletes.
  9. Drog


    This is sad news. RIP and thoughts go out to his family.
  10. Apple sells refurbished units with warranty. If you can find one at a good price with the scribble strips, Logic takes advantage of that now.
  11. I have a 2013 MacBook Pro and it runs with no issues. I use logic as well as reaper. Just max out the ram and get a solid state drive, the CPU power does not matter as much.
  12. I like the modern v. It looks rock & roll
  13. My wife would always bug me about buying guitars, so I instead got rid of the wife. My guitars are happier now.
  14. To get rid of any chance of mold, when I change the pads (each month) I wash down the tray area and pad area with a solution of 3 parts water - one part bleach. Rinse it well when you are done. Never any issues with mold. Wear gloves and eye protection around bleach.
  15. Nice! A form of sponge cake. I bet that is a really tasty treat!
  16. Get something that uses replaceable pads. Though it's an added expense and work to change them each month, you will avoid the white powder you get from the other ones. If you can see the vapor coming out of the unit, you will have white powder on your guitars/gear. Also nice if you can find a unit with a built in hygrometer and auto shut off. Keeps the guess work out. Try to keep the room at 45% humidity.
  17. This was one of the worst half-time shows.
  18. Dusting off some old stuff, re-learning Cliffs of Dover and Spanish Fly. Might do a live version of Cliffs, for some extra sonic EJness, lol.
  19. [ nice job, I enjoyed reading your story. You make a great couple, keep on playing.
  20. I mainly play electric guitar but do have four acoustics to get by with. Taylor 514ce - it's a good all around guitar, well balanced and has a good pickup system. This is my main gigging guitar. Gibson Songwriter custom - Stays in open D Martin D-35 Brazillian - my studio strummer or home strummer. No pickup in this one Martin 000-28 for finger style playing
  21. Gibson is bringing back the BFG. I have always had mixed feelings on this model, still do. Comes with humbuckers or p-90's. http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2018/USA/2018-BFG-P-90.aspx http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2018/USA/2018-BFG-Humbuckers.aspx "Its back and it's badass! The 2018 BFG from Gibson is a fully upgraded version of the now legendary model introduced over 10 years ago. Loaded with humbucker pickups for legendary Gibson tones and huge leads this BFG also boasts refinements not seen on this guitar before such as a truss rod cover and classic Gibson controls. Wearing its unique look with pride the 2018 BFG is the fast, easy playing beast that will set you out from the crowd."
  22. Tried one out (with Taylor 314) , it sounds awesome. It has a ton of bass and does not break up. Tried my phone through it as well and sound was just as good. Did not try a mic with it. It's light and for its size, loud and great sound. Will pick one up soon.
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