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  1. Like a lot of others have said... Some good times and fond memories, but also lots of not so fun stuff ( bar owners trying to stiff you, long travel, cancelled gigs, etc, etc). What I do miss is playing with other musicians and that musical bond. We ( the old boys club) still try to get together every few weeks for a Sunday jam, but life still gets in the way sometimes.
  2. My GAS was so bad, that I had to get rid of the wife so I could buy more guitars. Oddly, I still seem to have more money after my gas purchases...
  3. I use all of my guitars for playing out, though I never take more than two at a time with me. I baby them but I still bought them to be played. At home they hang on my wall in my humidity controlled room ( not much of case guy). On a side note: anyone ever try the guitar security cable lock?
  4. That is a fine looking instrument, indeed!
  5. I would describe them as square ends and frets.Where the 339 is ground down and edges more softened, the 335 & 330 have a more square fret ( which feels sharp). I guess its more of a traditional style fret. I love how Ibanez dresses their prestige frets, nice and round on the ends.
  6. Drog

    Buying a Gibson

    I think the MM comes with a Gibson branded gig bag.
  7. That height looks good now. You can play around with the bridge height for best comfort of string height for you, then adjust intonation. I like my necks straight and action low about 3/64 - 4/64. Its a personal preference more on how you play and kind of strings you use.
  8. Here is one more side shot, sorry for the bad resolution.
  9. Here are a few pictures of my new baby...
  10. I just received my new Les Paul Custom Florentine in Transparent Amber. The guitar is stunning and flawless. The sound is very even from highs to lows with a nice sounding bottom end. Notes all have great separation and sustain forever . The pickups are quite hot, but clean up really well. The guitar is slightly lighter than a regular Custom but still is quite heavy. You can really see how thick the top is with the f-hole(s). I was worried about the guitars balance ( as I had read previous comments about top heavy) but she is perfect. This guitar has more than met my expectations in sound and workmanship. I was also glad to see an additional cover plate in the case, so I can keep the cover with the custom shop logo as new. I will post some pics tomorrow.
  11. Thanks for the link, those are exactly the pots I want. Any idea if the current pots in these instruments are like that on purpose? I am thinking yes, since they both are the same and it might be period correct. I guess changing the pots out is not too bad, lol. Though access to them is a real pain! I do love how both guitars play, so that is most important to me.
  12. The Strat is probably worth a couple of hundred more, but as far a value I would put them as equal. The studio will have 490 pickups, which are decent and a little hotter, brighter than a 57 classic for example. As long as the guitar plays well, feels good, I would say go for it.
  13. I have a question about my volume pots on my ES-330 59 VOS and ES-175 59 VOS. Both of my guitars have the same thing on the volume pots, in that there is no adjustment. Its all or nothing, you can only roll off from ten to nine and then zero after that. Is this normal for these instruments? Its irritating and I will be changing the pots so its usable, but I want to know if I should hang onto the original pots for the future as original. So, are they working as intended? Thanks
  14. I use D'addario Chromes 11's., I use this guitar mainly for Jazz type stuff.
  15. There is a reason why top players bring along a guitar tech. All of the environmental changes can wreak havoc on instruments. Keep them more constant and consistent as far a humidity and you will have less adjusting needed.
  16. Drog

    Es-330 issue

    I have a 2013 ES-330 VOS, that has developed a small output issue. The guitars volume has dropped and is distorted ( kinda like the sound if you were to shut off your tube amp and keep playing). My guess is either a bad switch or input jack, but it could be a cold solder joint? Anyone have any thoughts ( before I just replace all the guts)? Thanks
  17. I keep my guitars at 45% humidity, for all of them ( including my Les Pauls). It not only saves them from fret buzz or sharp edges, but from cracks due to the guitar shifting. Too much or too little humidity is a bad thing. So get a humidifier or dehumidifier, depending on where you live and the season. The other bonus, your instruments will stay in tune longer. Living in western Canada, I have have seen my fair share of the damage that humidity can have. Take care of your girls!!!
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