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    ES vs. ESLes

    The only problem with the ES-335 is the size, I've gone through two ES-335's and two ES-355's, I find my ES-349 and CS-336 to be the perfect size for me.I still own a ES-335 but it rarely gets played.
  2. Drog

    ES vs. ESLes

    I had spent quite a bit of time deciding between an Es-les Paul, Es-339, Es-349. They sound nothing like a solid body LP. Not only from the pickups but they sound more open/woody/hollow. A solid body sounds a little more tight and bright. If you like the sound of an ES-339, you will like the ES LP. They baisically sound the same, have the same construction and pickups. It really comes down to the body shape you like more. That being said the ES-349 sounds a little darker, thanks to the nylon saddles. That was my favorite and I bought an ES-349. I do have a white ES LP that I am making payments on too, lol and will take home soon. I also own a CS-336, that sounds more like a solid LP but with more resonance. Quite a bit louder acoustically than a ES-339/ES LP. But it also is a routed solid body and solid top construction. I also had a LP Florentine, that sounded like a chambered sold body LP. Not as woody/open sounding as a ES style guitar. I hope that helps a bit
  3. Drog


    This will be the worst Super Bowl ever...count me out. No way I am watching these two teams, I hate them both. The who cares bowl.
  4. I need to look into this. My heart medication has made my joints sore, it’s become painful to play guitar. Any relief would be welcomed.
  5. Pot is legal in California now, well... This is what you get.
  6. Don't order a red colour one or you will be out by the end of the set. Go with TV yellow!
  7. Looks like the Gibson Eye guitar, except for the body depth. Guess they already tried it.
  8. Edit: just read the import laws and I am not allowed to send booze between countries. Crap
  9. @ surfpup, if you like Canadian maple whisky, try Cabot Trail. It has more of a maple syrup taste and is so smooth. My top pick! https://goo.gl/images/E8TLuk
  10. Sometimes you need to scrape the nitro off the nut for the tool to fit. As for the first issue, I have no idea. But I have seen companies repair Gibson (or other brands) and then pass them off as brand new. I see thousands of new Gibson guitars each year and rarely do you see major QC issues. Sure you might see some over scrapped issues, and small nicks but nothing to get concerned over. All brands have little imperfections from time to time. For the most part the Gibsons I see have no flaws.
  11. There is a lot of hate towards Gibson , so much false information. The unfortunate side of the Internet, anyone with an opinion (right or wrong) can spill it as truth. Gibson is making fantastic instruments. Period. QC is not an issue. The Gibsons I have are the best guitars I have ever played. From feel, fit and finish. "Only a Gibson is good enough"
  12. -1c/30f here today, heading down to -22c / -8 f. later this week
  13. I was there last September, not much for music stores in Manhattan. I went into Guitar Center Times Square, it was not much to talk about. They have all the guitars locked to the wall hangers, so it's a pain to try anything. It's a fun place with so much more to do, I am sure your days will be full. The subway was easy to get around on and I found it very safe. Can't wait for my next trip back there.
  14. It's been very cold the last few days here -32c/-25f with wind chill -40c/-40f I love Canadian winter, ha ha. Notice I did the conversion for you
  15. It was a toss up... Eric Clapton @ MSG NYC Roger Waters /Pink Floyd @ Rogers Place, Edm AB
  16. How much is a COA worth to the value of a guitar?
  17. I can see two good uses for these... 1) If you own a bar or have a man cave that needs a guitar theme over the bar, or to hang on walls , or make into tables , etc , for that look. 2) You play in a Who tribute band and at the end of the night smash a Les Paul ( sure would be cheaper than a real one, lol).
  18. Here is what I do. On the exposed part of the jack thread, put a little bit of clear nail polish. The nut will not spin off, if you do need to do maintenance you can break the seal easily. Works like a charm. As a caution when applying the nail polish, cover your guitar with a cloth in case you drip any.
  19. Drog


    Very nice, enjoy!
  20. Drog

    Surgery today!

    Sending positive thoughts, have a speedy recovery
  21. Drog


    The shark had no interest in the person. Probably thought the kayak was a seal. I love sharks
  22. At age 53 Gord Downie, best known for his work with The Tragically Hip passed away last night. He had brain cancer. He was a Canadian icon, loved by everyone.
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