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  1. Drog


    Terrible, just terrible. Sad loss of life.
  2. Drog

    Tom Petty

    Sad news, RIP :(
  3. I will miss reading the "articles". RIP Hugh
  4. Fewer choices this year in the core line. They all come with 9-42 strings as well, odd.
  5. I just saw EC in NYC at MSG. He was awesome! The guy can play some tasty pentatonics.
  6. Maybe it's new Robo pickup technology? Lol
  7. From Marshall's Twitter feed "We heard some rumours recently that the DSL40C was out of production. We confirm that this is NOT the case." So it is NOT discontinued.
  8. Drog


    Yes, terrible flooding and damage from the winds in Texas. It's still not over. My heart goes out to those affected.Stay safe everyone.
  9. Drog


    This one you will either love it or hate it, lol. I picked up my Gibson CS-336 Mahogany in T.V. White. She is really light and very resonate with a ton of sustain. The neck is nice C shape, larger than a 60's style LP neck but not as big as a '59 style. The pickups are nice and punchy but the bass notes are super clear. So far she is a real joy to play. Here are a few pics. I have taken the pickguard off.
  10. To answer your question. Yes, they are all different in feel and tone. Necks vary from '59 large style to a slim '60's style. Try a bunch to find the one you are after.
  11. Check out the Truetone CS12. http://truetone.com/power-supplies/1-spot-pro/1-spot-pro-c12zzz/
  12. Drog


    Fantastic guitar! Enjoy her. Personally I would do a different pickup system, so you don't ruin the guitar top. I love my Martin and would sell my J200 first if one was to go.
  13. Sounds like a fun time. I am a huge Rush fan, perhaps I should look at this for next year? Any pics or video to share?
  14. Drog


    I just picked up a Gibson Ronnie Wood L5S. The guitar is a fantastic instrument to play. Weighs 8.5lbs. Has a brighter sound but not harsh, has more harmonics thanks to its 25-1/2" scale length. It's been a blast getting to know this new addition. Size wise it's about the same size as my ES-349, as you can see in the last couple of pictures. The body is quite a bit thinner at around 1" thick. Here are some pics ( or at least I hope)
  15. Bought a Gibson Ronnie Wood L5S, been happily playing and bonding with her.
  16. From Ronnie's Twitter "Thank you for all your words of support today ~ I'm feeling great and ready to see you on the road next month"
  17. I like the colour. The chip was curious to leave in a picture, but hey that's real life.
  18. Lol good luck with your PRS, I hope you are done now... Lol
  19. Drog


    I have a problem with coming up with a good idea and then over working it and killing the essence of that idea. Sometimes we can overthink things.
  20. If I had the cash I would get one of these in a heart beat. I think they look awesome!
  21. I preferred the P90 version but glad you like these.
  22. These are fun and I like the custom aspect to them. If I owned a Corvette, it would be a fun piece to have. Probably not something you would play a whole bunch but more of a conversation piece.
  23. Cool, I have a strat that I am changing as well. Just waiting for parts to get here. To me, this is what Leo had envisioned, for the guitar to be easily modified.
  24. Gee, I feel kind of sheepish saying that I have one of the CS336 on order. I dig that it kinda has a 50's LP special vibe to it but in a semi-hollow form. Have a mojo axe compensated tailpiece on order just in case I want to try that. I will slip back to the shadows now... :unsure:
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