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  1. Just make sure you mount it on the wall stud.
  2. My Sheraton has become my #1 guitar. I play it more than my '13 Gibson SG Standard. Very versatile. Plays and sounds great. I don't even think I might change the pickups.
  3. If you have an elitist, post a pic and tell us what you think of it. I've been very interested in them. The problem is that they are kind of rare. They aren't at GC or Sam Ash, I never see them at stores that sell used gear, and I almost never see them on Craigslist, which means i've never got to spend any time checking one out. So that's why I can only wonder if they are worth their asking price. They are kind of in a weird grey area. Better than the regular chinese models, but not quite as good as Gibsons? I like MIJ stuff. But i'm not too crazy spending 1k on an elitist LP or Sherat
  4. Fender Mustang amp owners, if you haven't done this already, you should plug your smartphone into the AUX IN, and play Youtube backing tracks through the amp. They make practicing leads and jamming lots of fun. It's a great way to improve your skills. Just youtube search "blues backing track" "rock backing track", and there's tons of great ones to pick. I have a custom playlist with all my favorites saved.
  5. Can you make a youtube video of you playing your SG with your full stacks volume on 10?
  6. id post it on the epiphone subforum on mylespaul website.
  7. Hopefully that small detail oesn't make a difference with how you love the guitar, because it's quite trivial compared to how great these guitars are.
  8. It's typical and common with these models. I don't care about it on mine, it's barely noticeable. Still gorgeous looking, sounding, and playing.
  9. ^ That's a damn fine collection you got there.
  10. There's a man who knows what he likes! I started owning LP's first. It took me too long that the SG is more my guitar. I may end up owning a whole herd of them too in the future.
  11. Also the bathroom scale weighing method isn't accurate. If the buyer ends up being picky, it could pose a problem if the guitars weight is off by more than a couple tenths of a pound. You can have it weighed at the post office or any shipping center. Or you can do what I did and buy a cheap handheld luggage weighing device for under $20, that you can use to weigh many things. Are you still going to ship it to that place that gives you a check and pays shipping both ways?
  12. Magoo

    LP or SG?

    I've owned a Gibson LP standard and Traditional, and while they sound great and look cool and have good sustain. I play better on an SG. I have more fun with it. It's just more comfortable and inviting, and it leaves me satisfied after playing it. I am always wrestling with the body of an LP. They can sometimes sound a little too dark and muddy. The SG cuts through a mix better. You also get more for your money with an SG. I got a new SG Standard for under $800 on blowout. Comparing it to a Les Paul Traditional, you're paying over a grand more just for a thicker body and binding on the bod
  13. I have heard from posters on other forums that they got other stores to price match. Not sure if it can still be done. Worth a shot. I managed to pick up one standard at my local store.
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