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  1. Just make sure you mount it on the wall stud.
  2. My Sheraton has become my #1 guitar. I play it more than my '13 Gibson SG Standard. Very versatile. Plays and sounds great. I don't even think I might change the pickups.
  3. If you have an elitist, post a pic and tell us what you think of it. I've been very interested in them. The problem is that they are kind of rare. They aren't at GC or Sam Ash, I never see them at stores that sell used gear, and I almost never see them on Craigslist, which means i've never got to spend any time checking one out. So that's why I can only wonder if they are worth their asking price. They are kind of in a weird grey area. Better than the regular chinese models, but not quite as good as Gibsons? I like MIJ stuff. But i'm not too crazy spending 1k on an elitist LP or Sheraton, and have people mistake it for the much cheaper MIC/MIK versions. Are they significantly better than a regular MIC model that has been upgraded with quality pickups and electronics? I know they are not nitro finished, but is the poly finish the same as the MIC models?
  4. Fender Mustang amp owners, if you haven't done this already, you should plug your smartphone into the AUX IN, and play Youtube backing tracks through the amp. They make practicing leads and jamming lots of fun. It's a great way to improve your skills. Just youtube search "blues backing track" "rock backing track", and there's tons of great ones to pick. I have a custom playlist with all my favorites saved.
  5. Can you make a youtube video of you playing your SG with your full stacks volume on 10?
  6. id post it on the epiphone subforum on mylespaul website.
  7. Hopefully that small detail oesn't make a difference with how you love the guitar, because it's quite trivial compared to how great these guitars are.
  8. It's typical and common with these models. I don't care about it on mine, it's barely noticeable. Still gorgeous looking, sounding, and playing.
  9. ^ That's a damn fine collection you got there.
  10. There's a man who knows what he likes! I started owning LP's first. It took me too long that the SG is more my guitar. I may end up owning a whole herd of them too in the future.
  11. Magoo

    62 Les Paul SG

    Also the bathroom scale weighing method isn't accurate. If the buyer ends up being picky, it could pose a problem if the guitars weight is off by more than a couple tenths of a pound. You can have it weighed at the post office or any shipping center. Or you can do what I did and buy a cheap handheld luggage weighing device for under $20, that you can use to weigh many things. Are you still going to ship it to that place that gives you a check and pays shipping both ways?
  12. Magoo

    LP or SG?

    I've owned a Gibson LP standard and Traditional, and while they sound great and look cool and have good sustain. I play better on an SG. I have more fun with it. It's just more comfortable and inviting, and it leaves me satisfied after playing it. I am always wrestling with the body of an LP. They can sometimes sound a little too dark and muddy. The SG cuts through a mix better. You also get more for your money with an SG. I got a new SG Standard for under $800 on blowout. Comparing it to a Les Paul Traditional, you're paying over a grand more just for a thicker body and binding on the body. And if you compare prices on an LP studio to a standard, or a standard to an LP custom, you'll see that LP models involve some serious premiums. My sub $800 SG Standard is the same model that the best and most famous SG players use. The best and most famous LP players use 59' Les Pauls, which most players will never even get to touch one in their lifetimes.
  13. I have heard from posters on other forums that they got other stores to price match. Not sure if it can still be done. Worth a shot. I managed to pick up one standard at my local store.
  14. Crazy deals. Will be gone soon. $600 for the studio http://slickdeals.net/permadeal/117508/guitar-center---gibson-2013-les-paul-studio-electric-guitar $1299 for the Standard in Desert Burst http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson-2013-Les-Paul-Standard-Electric-Guitar-H90726-i3272835.gc?source=4WBZ4DS&CA_6C15C=420003230000070700
  15. Everyone who sees Carrie Brownstein now see's her as the lady in Portlandia, but for many years to me, she was Sleater Kinneys guitarist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOM107PIxV8 “I liked the angularity of it and the bluntness of it, I felt like, that was sort of my style of playing and I’ve tried other guitars, but I just like the sound. I like a guitar that has a little bit of growliness to it – one that feels like the harder you play, it will react to that.”
  16. Magoo

    Do I trade ???

    Depends on if you really need 2 SG's.
  17. I've been dying to try one, but my local GC's don't have any, so I can't demo them. Bottom line is, if you can hear, feel, and see a big difference? I'd like to know. Is the $2k price difference justified with the vintage correct specs, and custombucker pickups? Also if it is a better choice than buying an early 70's era SG which can be had for the same price range.
  18. This would be great if I could just get the tailpiece part, for half the price of the total tremolo, or less! I think i'll email them. Thats cool, so are you doing the same thing then, adding it for the looks? So its installed by 4 screws?
  19. Magoo

    62 Les Paul SG

    Thats a beautiful guitar. Must hurt to sell a guitar you've had for 42 years. You will get a very nice price for it i'm sure.
  20. You should ask the people behind the counter for information about it, and the price. Guitars are one of the most common items that thrift stores deal in. They will likely know it's value and price it close to the market value. Typically i've found that thrift store prices on used guitars are higher than Guitar Center because they deal with much less volume. But you can luck out occasionally on obscure or unusual guitars that thrift store owners are not knowledgeable on.
  21. I would like to get just the tailpiece for my SG, like the Derek Trucks signature model. is this possible? I looked online and could not find just a tailpiece being sold. It does not have to be Gibson brand. Just the same style.
  22. I went with a MIC Sheraton, because I like the chunky neck more than the slim neck on the MIK. And I got the natural, and I like the more transparent look of the wood grain. The wood grain on the natural MIK sheratons are a lot darker, but thats just a matter of taste. I don't think the MIK pickups are superior, as just as many people upgrade the humbuckers on the MIK as the MIC. The MIK does have the 3 piece neck with the stripes on it, as well as the nibs on the neck binding. What matters most is the particular model, and which one you can get the best deal on.
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