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  1. forgot to add one thing, in the 70's david allen coe used one of these, there is a vid on youtube where if you look behind him on the ground you can actually see his sg-212 :D
  2. well gues what it does indeed work, and when it was serviced the tech did the changes to run 6l6 tubes instead of the harder to find 8417. power cord had broken ground min so i replaced teh cord with a beefier 14 awg medium duty one instead of the stock 16 AWG light duty that was on it. i took the chassis out of the cab to clean some of the dust out and found a couple of cracked "tropical fish" caps ( yet it still works ROFL) which i have ordered and will be replacing when they arrive. so far i have found conflicting info but what i have been able to find is that they were made late 60's through the 70's ( however the "acoustically voiced for SG" speakers have a numberon them which can actually confirm or bust the years made with the number on them). for example the speakers have on them 52-7 with a space inbetween that and the next set of numbers which is 677448, this speaker number tells me ( fyi 52-7 means nothign as far as i can tell) that it is an eminance speaker ( as taken from the 67 which is the EIA code for eminence, 74 could mean 7 month of 1964, 7 month of 1974 or just 1974 LOL but teh only thing i can say for sure is that it is a 50% split between those saying 64 and those saying 74 as time is was made ( although i will continue looking for positive date id on it. sadly the leather on the handle is dry rotted and it is missing a knob on the dynamic voice section but otherwise it is in perfect shape :D. only thing that would please me more is finding someone willing to pay the $1200 that the person at norms rare guitars told me it was worth when i called them the other day LOL. sadly fleabay is putting a damper on that with everyone basing prices on sold non working heads and the more common 4x10 and 6x10 combos. still trying to track down info in regards to the foot switch for the phase shifter so i can make one since i cant find an original and reading that those that have found them have paid 250 + for the switch makes me look for an alternative. basically i know the foto switch had 3 stomp switches and it was a funky 6 pin plug however the only pic i have seen of the foot switch is confusing to me because it looks like, well here is the pic i have: basically if i read that pic correctly the diagram is nothing more than putting the low (blue) mid ( yellow) and high (red) switches in a remote floor position so you would activate them via the floor instead of flipping them on the amp front panel. anyway, the amp is almost ready to sell or trade, i just have to wait for the tropical fish caps to get here then install them. it does work but i am not comfortable firing it up with those 2 cracked tropical fish caps in it LOL.
  3. i agree on the rca tube HOWEVER keep in mind if you have some you know are old military rca branded tubes just dont have any markings other than like 6l6, ecc83, or whatever dont expect to sell them for big bucks because you wont get it. i have found out the hard way with pups, tubes, even instruments that if it doesnt have a well known brand name on it you can only expect to get the chinese junk prices ( which is why all my guitar force rebel fire humbuckers are in a box and my NOS matched RCA tubes are in my amp).
  4. to be honest my personal stake was there were a few other amps on the market that sounded just as good or better ( to me anyways) that were not as expensive as the "gibson" ones. i have the same problem with "gibson" guitars though in that my 400 epiphone sounded 100% better ( again to me) than any of the gibsons i picked up and this included a $4500.00 les paul ( but that les paul also had fret problems and shouldnt have made it out of the factory). another thing to consider is that when i am in places like GC, etc. the sales reps tend to show off ( or "push") certain amp brands and models, but most already know wha they want and they go in the door and make a be-line to the amp of their choice unless they are like me which i walk to a completely different amp, then move around a bit stopping at the one i want then going around to again trying different amps ending on the one i actually want, then going around a third and final time ending on the one i want, most of the time a sales rep will notice and come to ask for help and you go through the "i dont know im looking at a few amps and trying to decide, etc. to start the deal making process. if you play it right you can get anything you want for a good deal ( works for me every time).
  5. person that has it said he recently had it service and new tubes put in but that doesnt answer my questions LOL. i really need to know what were the original tubes that they left the factory with?, is it a full tube or is it a hybrid tube solid state?, and lastly is the guy in OKC right that $1200 is a good starting point asking price.
  6. i have some questions and this is the best option for where to ask considering. anyway, i am working a trade deal for an older 70's tube amp. ok the thin gis it is a CMI electronics sg systems sg-212 which all my research points it to being made when cmi owned gibson in the 70's but other than that and a youtube vid of a dude showing and playing on one i cant find anything on these online about these old amps so if you know anything about these old amps and can answer the following questions i would be greatly appreciated. 1. is an sg-212 full tube or is it hybrid? 2. what were the stock tubes used in these amps? 3. what would it be worth in todays vintage market? i did manage to talk to a guy in OKC who said he had a couple of them and said that to the right buyer it would be worth $1200.00 and i personally like to get confirmation/second opinion on that, plus he just kept saying he had original schematics and such but didnt seem to interested in giving any other input. so if you can help i would appreciate it, thanks.
  7. Old thread I know but had to comment. I recently installed a set of the SD shop floor custom slash pups (nickel cover) and can say that through a Marshall mg15dfx they sound no different than the epi pups I had installed in the build for mock up.
  8. go to guitar? depends but i can say this anything that does NOT say gibson or fender on the headstock, and currently after realising the epiphones dont get teh same kinda love in the support dept especially 90 to 99 era instruments i may end up avoiding epiphone to, which is a shame because epiphones are actually high quality ( higher quality than the overpriced "gibson" counterparts in my honest opinion). what i say to manufacturers is this f me once piss on you f me twice? never! i show my displeasure by not spending my cash with the offending company/companies and if gibson dont start showing us epi owners the same love as the people over paying for a name on the headstock then it will be so long epi.
  9. I am necroing this thread to add the resistance of the pickups I have sitting here (epiphone versions) epiphone stocker stamped with an r label shows: HOTCH(G) LP:BRIDGE BHC dc ohms resistance is, 13.67k ohms 57CH(G) DOT:NECK,BRIDGE LP:NECK BHC dc ohms resistance is, 8.65k ohms
  10. I don't need 5 strings but it's nice to know that if I ever did I would have it, besides if you never use the low b string then you could save cash by just getting a 4 string set every other string change LMAO. my thought though is if I am going to pay $300 for a bass and I have a choice between 4 string or 5 at the same price I will pick up the five string, same if there was little or no diff in price between 4/5 and 6 string ( just makes good financial sense to me :D).
  11. well, I replaced the 3 micro switches but the pots I ordered won't work :( and these were the closest I could find to stock so it looks like I will just have to get some cleaner and try that, problem is I hear a lot about deoxit but not which one to use, I know d100 for metal contacts and fader one for carbon and plastic traces and not really sure exactly which are on the EBM5. looks like metal fingers but the trace looks like it might actually be carbon so do I use the D100 or the fader deoxit? or should I just go with my old standby of either QD electronic cleaner and 91% rubbing alchohol?. other than the pots though I have her done and she plays but she seems a little more trebly than my Ibanez 4 string through my old peavey TKO 65 ( might just be me though).
  12. they probably don't know, I know tht epi doesn't have a schematic for a 1992 EBM-5 bass so I am sure there are other models and years they don't have schems for. just curious did you try doing an internet search for epiphone viola bass schematic, or epiphone viola bass diagram, or epiphone viola bass wiring?
  13. at lest it wasn't a "Gibson" branded one I have seen numerous "Gibson" with the frets overhanging the fretboard requiring repair and these were new hanging in stores for sale o.O
  14. me to and im restoring my factory circuit board little by little.
  15. ok folks it is update time :D first off I had a volume problem which I still have but not as bad as before which I am going to contribute to it being pots, now with having said that I turned up my regent 5.1 surround system ( currently no amp just rocksmtih and bandfuse). and I noticed that when it was at lower volume strumming or plucking strings would be hit or miss in regards to relaying sound. I ordered electrolytic caps to replace them all ( good practice IMHO for 20+ year old electrolytic caps, and when I first got it I noticed that it looked like someone had been tring to solder/resolder around one of the 062d op-amps with one of those cheapo 30 watt pencil irons so I went ahead and ordered 2 of those as well. so today my parts came in and I replaced all of the electrolytics and the 2 op-amps and now the bass still has low volume until I get to around 5 to 7 on the volume knob. as it turns out I had at least 1 bad op-amp which is what was causing the lag/cutting hit or miss output while strumming the strings but with the exception of the pots she is working fine and I want to thank those that responded to my few questions. on the 20th if I haven't sold it already I will be pulling it from sale and keeping it, and then on the first I will be ordering the pots which will take some time to get here seeing as I have to get them from china or Thailand LOL. once those pots are in she should be fixed ( although I am tempted to go ahead and replace all 3 of those tiny switches on the circuit board as well since they are also as old as the pots). but once that is done you could say she is completely restored to original off the line specs and will be in near new condition, only thing that keeps it from being in new condition is the slight blemishes on the gold plating.
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