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  1. Hard to find a used Gibson case, but if you want a decent inexpensive case look at Silvercreek on Musiciansfriend.com They also carry brand new Gibson cases but expect to pay big $$$$$$$ Worth it if you plan on keeping the guitar forever
  2. Lonesome Dove is such a GREAT Western series I have all the DVD .....no geetars though...
  3. QUOTE =Sorry Pitt. Yes, you're right of course... I should have double checked, I have trouble keeping the GC versions straight. Their H'bire is square shoulder, but has a narrower waist and is a long neck, with no actual iconic pickguard design. So - we agree - it's not a real H'bird. = End Quote Quote= As usual the 'Bird Pro gets a bashing for not being "real". There have been so many incarnations of Hummingbirds, why is there only one considered as "real" by purists. If Gibson see fit to name them Hummingbirds why shouldn't everyone else? Of course it's different to the firs
  4. I actually took the electronics out of my Hummingbird, but when it was installed I made the strap hole a little bigger and used a zip tie to pull it tight. Snipped off the excess and works like a charm. Once I put a strap on my guitar, I usually don't take it off so the zip tie works great. Simple and effective.
  5. I have never had anything but good experiences at Guitar Center. I travel with my job and have been going to big box retailers for years. Hated to see MARS go out of business years ago, but I still like going to GC and Sam Ash when in other cities.
  6. I have Martins / Gibson / Taylors and I love them all. The HD28V is an absolutely stunning guitar in both sound and workmanship. You can't go wrong
  7. Great job! I prefer the smaller type tuners on all my acoustic guitars The Grovers just seem so huge and heavy Well Done
  8. STUNNING!!!! Enjoy the heck out of that Beauty!
  9. I have Waverly Tuners on all my Martins because I didn't like the martin logo open back. I know that is blasphemy, but I could not be happier with the Waverly tuners on my HD28V and D18V. On my Hummingbird and Songwriter I took off those big clunky Grovers and installed Kluson's. It all boils down to what you like and what you're willing to pay! The Waverly are not cheap, but neither are some of my favorite guitars!
  10. VERY NICE way to pass on a couple of finely made guitar straps! I love this forum - well done!
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