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  1. Depends on the piece. I'm usually never in the middle. Neck or bridge- about equally. All of my guitars have either 2 P90s or 2 humbuckers.
  2. I use .11s in my slide guitars and .10s for the others. Acoustics I use .13s. Seriously considering .11s for the non slide electrics. I mix slide and traditional fretting- the .11s have better tone and don't hold me back.
  3. Well that is definitely good to know guys, regarding the L6S! Thanks!
  4. For sure? It was my understanding the ones they are putting out now arent, but that the old ones were? I thought I could even recall some of the old guitar mags advertising the L6s with varitone? The tech I just had repair the mid roll off for me used a varitone schematic to work from too? Or might this be something that was "close enough" so he could use it? My questions are honest- not defensive. I'm a player, not much of a tech! That said- I still find the old L6S to be a fine axe with lots of useful tonal options.
  5. I have a 1980 Gibson L6S Silverburst with varitone. I find the extra tonal options very useful.
  6. They are nice! 20 watts through the PA does me fine in my trio. Also have a VC15- in need of repair now-( was my intro amp to Laney) and I have an older 65 watt Laney acoustic amp that I can sing through too. They build great stuff!
  7. Honest. It's fine. Have had my first go with a Gibson using it, and I don't love the axe any less for it. I find it very useful infact. I picked up an SG standard P90 about 2 Months ago. I have a Bigsby Rigged SG classic too- and since about half of my band's tunes are slide guitar tunes- I wanted a P90 rigged SG to dedicate to slide work. The tone of the standard with baked maple in conjunction with glass slide is just wonderful. It isn't all hype- it is snappy like ebony, just like Gibson says. My SG classic is a little darker for the Rosewood. The difference is so subtle though-
  8. I dab the lube as opposed to Dan it. What Dan does in the privacy of his own home isn't my business! Hahahahaha
  9. I have one on my SG Classic. Love it too! I installed with a Vibramate mounting plate. Also use their string spoiler- can restring the axe in under 2 minutes now. For increased tuning stability I have a tone pros graph tech bridge replacing the stocker, and I make my own lube from Graphite and Vaseline, which I Dan on the nut- which I had replaced with bone. Bigsby is my favorite tremolo system, bar none.
  10. Serious. Best tone Ever for heavy blues rock. Have an '81 L6s, a ' 95 Les Paul Classic, an '05 SG Classic and a '12 SG Standard P90. Also have a Fender Telecaster customized like Jeff Beck's "Gibtele". Through either of my Laney Lionheart combos, and I only ever use the Overdrive channel, ( I have the 5 watt 1x12 and the 20 watt 4x10) I get the tone I have long sought- going on 27 years now. Add my pedal board (Fulltone Soulbender 2, Fulltone Octafuzz, BBE freq boost, Budda Budwa, BBE tremor and EH Memory Boy) and I feel unstoppable with this rig. P90s and buckers alike just SING.
  11. Of the humbuckers I know about-Pearly Gates by Sey. Dunc. Excellent for blues, blues rock, rock and roll, heavier hard rock, can mellow down nice for jazz. They are excellent.
  12. Elitist Wildkat in tobacco burst. All Gibson electronics, bone or graphite nut. Less then 2,000.00 bucks. Make it Epi, & I'll do whatever I have to to get one. Also, if I ever have a child, which I hope I don't, but if I do, I'll name them "Epiphone". Promise. I'd be willing to trade you the hypothetical child for the guitar, if that sweetens the deal at all? No? Well, how about my soul then? Oh, c'mon! Build me an Elitist Wildkat!!!!! Pleeeeease!!
  13. Damn Sledge! That's too bad! Still-it will really be a helluva player when you get it back. Sounds like that's how you are looking at it too. Money is abstract-guitars are real!
  14. Great tune that one! I love Freddie's version, but my favorite all time is Jeff Beck Group doing it. He is so baddass! Great song.
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