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  1. Sweet new Firebird, congrats! My sweet late wife bought me a 2017 Firebird for my 65th birthday and it's like yours except mine has the Steinberger 'banjo' style tuners. I love mine, it sounds unique and plays very well. I think the pickups are slightly unbalanced, hence the hum. I get a bit of that in mine too but it's nowhere near a P-90 or other single coil pickup.
  2. I have to tell you, the Epiphone Bonamassa "Amos" Flying V is one really unexpected treat of a guitar. I've got custom shop Strats and a beautiful custom shop '68 Les Paul Custom 50th anniversary, I love guitars and amps...I don't mind spending money on a fine instrument. But this Korina V is light (6.8 lbs.), well balanced, has a great neck, really decent fretwork and sounds great. I've ordered the signature "Amos" pickups that Duncan is special winding for Bonamassa. It's modeled after the famous guitar that he bought a few years ago, and the pups are a copy of the original PAFs. They'll have to be really good pups to be worth changing though. I'm freakin amazed at how good the stock Epi sounds and plays. If you love V's you'll dig this one. I got mine from Sweetwater. I had a Gibson V years ago and I missed it, so I decided to take a risk. I've never liked Epis much, I've had a few and they never did it for me. But honestly, it plays as well as my Gibson Explorer. And it sounds huge through my Dr.Z Nova. Play one if you get the chance. I figured with the 30 day return I didn't have much to lose, so I popped for one. I'm really glad I did. I've got a clip I could post if you're into it.
  3. I'm an old curmudgeon too, but I still rock Explorers and V's! Here's a link to the abrasive cord I was talking about. There are videos at the site about working on nuts that's real helpful. https://www.stewmac.com/Materials_and_Supplies/Sanding_and_Polishing/Sandpaper_and_Finishing_Papers/Mitchell_Abrasive_Cord.html Not connected with them but this is a great product.
  4. That's a great guitar, I have one identical to it but mine's a 2018. Love the Burstbucker 2 & 3 pickups too. My Explorer had exactly the same problem as you do. I opened up the nut slots a tiny, tiny bit on the upper three strings and polished all the nut slots. That cured my tuning problem. I also put a Faber aged nickel locking bridge and tailpiece on it and it's very very stable. Stays in tune all night. My test for nut slots is to get the strings in tune, then press the string sharp behind the nut, between the nut and tuners. I keep polishing the nut slots until the string comes back into tune by itself. Or close to it...then a dab of nut lube makes it perfect. This method gets all my guitars (even Strats with non-locking tuners) to stay in tune very well. Good luck with the project, it'll be well worth it. BTW, Stewart-McDonald sells spools of various sized abrasive cord that's perfect for fixing funky nuts. It's a great tool that every guitarist should have.
  5. Dear Gibson, In 2015 I bought a nice SG, the standard model that went for around 1400 dollars. It's getting better with time, but it had horrible static issues. This year my wife bought me a 2017 Firebird T and I absolutely LOVE that guitar. But I can't move my hands up and down the neck or move the guitar against my clothes without hearing the snap crackle and pop of static discharge. I've done everything to eliminate it. Rubbing with dryer sheets helps for a bit, but they leave residue behind. What's going on? Is it the fact that you charge your bodies with a negative charge to attract the paint, like powder painters do? I know it will go away with time, but it's frustrating as hell to spend this kind of money and get an instrument that you can't really crank and play hard without getting the pops of static discharge. Frustrated in Swartz Creek Michigan...
  6. So sorry you're having problems. I got a Vintage Sunburst Firebird 2017 T this week for my 65th b-day, and I absolutely love it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Gibson Plek these guitars? Mine needed the bridge lowered a bit, and I loosened the truss rod a smidge when I changed the strings to 9s. Other than that I LOVE this guitar. It has swiftly become my number 1, I really dig the mini humbuckers and the fact that it's light (7.4 lbs). I did pick from 5 others at the store, they had 2 2017s and 3 of other years manufacture. The newer ones were WAY better than the older 3. I think they were 2015 or 2016 models. Here's hoping that you get a good one like mine. They're incredible guitars.
  7. Of the 335's I have played, the satin finish ones always sound better to me. More bite and smoother all at once. The gloss ones look beautiful but...at least with the ones I've played, the glossy ones seemed to sound kind of dark in comparison. I ended up with a used 2010 satin red one that I polished to a near-gloss. Looks and plays great! In the end, go for the one that speaks to you. You'll know it when you pick it up!
  8. Hey all, Long time lurker, first post here, Hello from Michigan! I'm looking at buying a 2010 ES-335 in Satin Red, and I need to find out if the harness is set up with quick disconnect plugs for the pickups, or if they solder direct to the switch/pots. Anybody know?
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