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  1. Hey guys, Usually hang out on the LP section but I picked up a Beauty that belongs in the ES Zone. ES339 with 30/60 neck, Light Caramel Burst. very comfortable to play and I really like the tone out of the 57 classics on this guitar. I find they sound quite a bit different than the 57's in my LP Traditional. Must be the SHB. Has anybody else had the same experience??? Oh Yah...here's the obligitory picture.
  2. I have not been here very long and even though my "title" says I am an advanced member I am far from it. I thought this forum...especially the forum that is on the Gibson website...should be a place where people can come and ask questions about these Gibsons that we love so much no matter how simplistic. Of course I feel that people should use the search function to research answers to any obvious questions before they are asked to be answered by those who have been in the "club" longer than others. I have done and continue to do a lot of this but sometimes the function does not provided the information easily. Sorry dude to use your post / attitude as an example of the elitest, smarter than thow comments that tend to push new members, such as myself, away from the Gibson lifestyle because we need to ask if a particular guitar is a fake, hopefully before somebody spends money, or what is a speed knob vs a top hat. I have seen some posts by old time members that have encouraged "youngsters" to come with questions/pictures before the purchase is made....that is they way it should be. (the old teaching the young so to speak..(Gibson age not physical age). Sorry to totally side track the thread....sorry to comment on your post max2343 as I have seen others besides you make similar comments...nothing personal I just feel we need to encourage young Gibson lover's, like myself, while keeping the expert Gibson lovers involved by asking for their help. Off soap box....I fully understand if I am to be chastised or removed from the forum for this. God Bless Shane ps...Dude...have some class...change the avitar.
  3. yes I do...mostly because I have OCD and I always wash my hands... Seriously to take some oil off to cut down on build up and prints. Yes I am that anal retentive. This is the reason even though I Love the look of an ebony gibson I can't buy one...they show prints too much and it drives me crazy...I know it makes no sense...it is a sickness.
  4. Is Music 123 owned by GC? They seem to be carrying these also... http://www.music123.com/Gibson-Les-Paul-Standard-Traditional-Pro-Electric-Guitar-581715-i1444565.Music123
  5. OKay I'll bite.... I am also in this new club. I added this Heritage Cherry burst STD Trad Pro to my home. She is not named yet but I am enjoying her very much so far.
  6. As requested...sorry for my poor photography skills. As usual the camera does not quite capture the full beuty. Pictures of the new Heritage Cherry Sunburst Standard Traditional Pro thanks again for all the help.
  7. Here is the ending of the story. I went to a different guitar center than I normally go to. (the more I go to GC the more I don't care for it...unfortunately around here in Western Washington they have the best prices and always seem to be willing to come down in price a little...sometimes a lot)... I went in to try out the 61 SG and the LP Std Trad Pro again thru the amp I use at home most of the time "Peavey Valve King Stack". I played the SG and it sounded really good with the 57 pickups (same as on my LP trad btw). Then I tried the vintage SB Std Trad Pro taking advantage of all the pu options...neck 57 bridge BB3... and really liked the tone difference when splitting and changing to single pick up sound. Obviously severly leaning towards the LP at that point but I was not ..."wow" crazy about the Vintage burst color. Just my preference..no offence intended. I then looked higher on the was a spotted another STD TRAD in Heritage cherry sunburst with a top that has some spots in it kind of like a birds eye maple. That did it..for me that was the WOW..crazy for the color moment. Of course I had them pull it down and I played if for a bit and found this guitar to be even more comfortable to me (if that makes sense). Also, it was a bit heavier than the V SB..which I like. Any Way I picked up the Heritage Cherry LP Standard Traditional Pro after they agreed to give me the $50 off coupon they were running last weekend even though it was not supposed to apply. Not a huge savings but every bit helps and I like it when I feel I stick it to GC a little bit; even though I did not in the big picture. I will post pictures tonight if anybody wants me to...I have not seen any of the H cherry of this model pictured on the forum yet. Thanks as usual for your help forum.... BTW..ARE NINE...I will be looking into getting the 58 you recomended when the guitar fund builds back up.
  8. silverB... not planning on selling. Like I said it is a quirk. I figure that Gibson set up a guitar to fit a niche in the market or to hit a specific tone. I take back about only changikng stings...I usually have strap locks installed. ALSO...if I don't mod it is easier to convince my beutiful wife that I neeed a different guitar..
  9. SilverB... thanks for the great ideas that make a lot of sense. Unfortunately, I have a quirk that I like to keep my gibsons stock (with the exception of strings). after are nine's comments I am leaning in that sort of directions...or maybe nothing at all. thanks again
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