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  1. So a local GC has it for sell for $499. I must say, that clean tone sounded lovely! I noticed the volume will not get up there. Who has one? Is it worth the $499. My only problem is that GC only has a 7 day return policy on all vintage amps and I feel that might not be long enough. You know, "buyers remorse". Fill me in. What do you guys or gals think???
  2. BEAUTIFUL guitars everyone. Here goes mine. I sure hope it shows.
  3. Check it out. What do you all think the value on this would be? http://dallas.craigslist.org/mdf/msg/4509213521.html
  4. Get well Malcolm! I was lucky to see these guys live. I will never forget. Best rhythm guitarist out there. The dude can solo as well.
  5. Nice! Congrats on your new toy. I love mine too. I cannot put her down.
  6. Probably been covered but Young, Iommi, Gibbons and Page. I wanted their guitars. Tone, looks, it had it all. It took a while but I was able to buy a Gibson guitar. Never gonna let them go. I see a lot of guitar players regret selling or trading their gear in the past. One mistake I will not do. So how bout you? What made you love these kick a** guitars?
  7. My 1st Les Paul let's see............... She arrived to me Feb 4, 2014. I know, what took so long. I always loved SG's but something about Les Paul's. You gotta have one. So I got it.
  8. Here she is. Her name is Honey. If I named her Cherry it would of been lame. LOL
  9. For me in no particular order is Angus/Malcolm Young Tony Iommi Jimmy Page It's not because their my favorite guitarist, they inspire me to pick up my guitars and play.
  10. What a looker!!! I love that Cherry Sunburst. I got mine in Feb and cannot put her down. How do you post the pics at that size?
  11. Wow, I ordered mine at the right time. I did not know the price went up on the 2014 LP Classic. Hope you guys get them soon.
  12. If they told you it was a Gibson Custom shop and sold it to you, they get be sued for selling counterfeit merchandise. Not sure what part of the world you live in but find out any laws about people selling fake merchandise. Call Gibson, they might be able to help. Good luck, sorry this happened to you. I know the feeling of being scammed by low life individuals that take advantage of innocent people. That's why the word "Trust" is so hard to believe in.
  13. I had solid state amps at first and they did the job. Do yourself justice and go tube. MUCH better. I live in apartments and the only time I get to turn up past 3 is during band practice, till I discovered the MXR Super Badass distortion pedal. WOW. I can get the distortion I want and lower volumes. I hope you find the amp your looking for. Don't settle on just anything. Get the one you really want and not regret a single thing. Good luck
  14. Strat68- I do love it. Can't put her down. I starting to favor the LP over my SG's.
  15. I ordered mine through Zzounds 2 weeks ago. I got the cherry sunburst. I love it. I'm glad none was on backorder. I was impatient waiting for next day delivery. I'd go nuts having to wait for backorder. I hope you enjoy it.
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