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  1. Pros/cons??? Opinions?? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Trying to figure out which one I want and no stores around here have the prs s2. Also, is there any way to buy a les paul in 2014 without the 120th anniversary logo?
  2. Can anyone give me any info on this guitar?? The owner wants to trade this for my American fender hss strat. I have no idea what this thing is worth any can't find much info on it. Thanks!
  3. I see, well I've been wanting a Les Paul since I was 12...im 26 now. I know the studio is not the top of the line les paul but I don't really see much of a difference between the studio's and the top of the line LP's. From what i've heard on youtube and through playing different LP's at Guitar Center, they all sound fairly similar. I can only find a weight difference between most LP's. I'm considering the trade but I want to see how the LP feels first. Thanks for the help/advice guys!
  4. Trying to get some opinions on a trade that I've been offered. A 2011 Les Paul Studio for my 2011 American Fender Stratocaster HSS. Both guitars are in great shape. I just don't know if i'd be downgrading in value if I went with the studio. I'm not too familiar with studios either. I asked a worker at GC about the pickups they put in the studio's and he said it just kinda depends and that there aren't really a specific set they use for all studio's. Any advice/info would be helpful. Thanks!
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