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  1. Be sure to post again when you play it. Can't wait to hear the news. Just kidding you. I'm jealous really.
  2. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  3. Faking/Counterfeiting = the same thing and is an attempt to pass a cheap knock off as the expensive original article. It's generally illegal to sell or handle these. Copying is not illegal provided there is no attempt to pass it off as the original bone fide article. However, patent /rights owners are entitled to protect their product/name which is why the Epiphone Les Paul is an authorised copy and other manufacturers have to alter the shape and can't use the name 'Les Paul'.
  4. Doesn't sound like it's your fault or the fault of your environment as you keep temp and humidity fairly constant and also have other LPs which are (presumably) unaffected. I wonder if the plastic that has been used is faulty in some way. In any case, as a 9 month old guitar, you should be covered by the warranty.
  5. You can play blues on any guitar as the tone comes from the fingers and, more so, from the heart/soul. From a technical perspective I play blues better on my Charvel as the jumbo frets and compound radius fretboard make string bending a breeze. The SG is great for blues too - I agree with what has been said about using the neck pickup.
  6. Whoever was the first metal band is up for debate. However the SG is, I believe, the perfect metal guitar (provided you don't need to do anything that would need a floating trem [and why should you?]). The SG has: -Total upper fret access -Lightweight body for the mobile player -Lightening fast neck -Medium jumbo frets - perfect for either arpeggioed chord work, fast runs or heavy vibrato that all feature in metal music -Thin mahogany body and tun-o-matic bridge - gives both snappy attack and creamy sustain Convinced?
  7. From the title of your post I thought you were going to tell us about your new prosthesis. Have you listened to the music of that famous Chinese guitarist, Won Hung Lo?
  8. Come on man- Fleecing 77 year olds is what window salesmen do. Perhaps he 'came near this place' to show off! I'm sure he can take the stick- they've got very thick skin these salesmen. Me, I'm jealous as hell!
  9. It really depends on what you want to do with your prospective purchase. You've got a nice solid body electric guitar in your Gibson LP Studio. Presumably your classical guitar is a nylon strung Spanish style guitar. So, the question is do you mostly want to play songs which are 'acoustic only' or do you aspire to play tracks which are played with an archtop? If you like acoustic songs, an acoustic guitar which also has a pickup might be useful both now and later on if you want to play to bigger audiences. Note- You won't really be able to do a 'Collin Unplugged' style performance with an arch
  10. Again, I apologise if I offended you Slasher. The more background information you can give, the better people can help you to make the correct decision for you. Sorry your Lucille fell through but at least you've now got more time to consider exactly what you want. Do you know yet whether you want an acoustic, an archtop, a solid body or a double neck?
  11. I think the point I'm trying to make is that most people who ask for opinions will ask for comparisons of similar guitars rather than something like a Lucille with a double neck, a Lucille with a Strat or a Lucille with an acoustic. It just all seems a bit wierd. Maybe Slasher has the Lucille already and he's just trying to score the best deal/investment he can on something....anything else, but doesn't appreciate that you can't really expect people to make comparisons between totally different guitars with nothing else to go on. Despite probably living a long distance from an Epiphone sto
  12. You sure do a lot of flitting about Slasher1319. Below, in italics, are some examples of what you've been asking since you joined the forum on 18th February. These are in reverse chronological order. Either you're messing us about somewhat or you need to take a trip to a store that sells Epiphones pretty soon and start trying out some guitars. By the way, why are you asking for opinions about the Epiphone Lucille when you say you already have one? Good luck with sorting your situation out. Everyone says to get a epi 56 gt, that they are going to be all gone soon, does this make
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