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  1. Well it looks good, and if if feels good too you just might bite. Try it before you buy it.
  2. Never ever heard of them, but then again I definitely know I live under a rock.
  3. I don't have any source or stuff like that but I'd seriously doubt it.
  4. I do, in fact I recently purschased a Kramer Assault. Removed the floyd rose completely, hate those things. Looking to install a Tune-O-Matic sometime in the near future.
  5. I have a few: Rickenbacker 4003 mapleglo ES 330 L5 CES Rickenbacker 330 Mapleglo Fender MIA strat with maple fretboard.
  6. Never seen a archtop with a firebird type headstock before, weird.
  7. Well, if you don't already know the ES-333 is basically a ES 335 (Dot) but with a Gibson humbucker. There is some rumors that Epiphone has slipped off the hill more since they moved production from Korea to China in like 2010 or something. But now all Epiphones if I remember right now have grover locking tuners so that ought to improve the tuning a bit. Try one in a guitar store, will ya?
  8. Just my though but maybe the finish had something to do with it being a limited edition, never seen a Gibson Explorer with that type of finish before.
  9. Well I'm going to be frank. The intro rhythm parts were a little dull but the solo parts were amazing. Sounds like melodic death metal or something. Good luck, I couldn't do anything even close to that with my current chicken brain theory for bar chords.
  10. Hey, I was reading a guitar magazine from about like 2-3 years and it was this ad for a Gibson Custom ES 335 with P90's. It mentioned that it allegedly has coil tapping. That makes no sense to me. I mean I've seen the occasional Les Paul with that but that's for introducing like a strat type to single coil to some sort of humbucker. But a P90's is techincally a single coil, what's does that do? Emulate a humbucker?
  11. Thinking about buying a Epi Les Paul Special II

  12. Check out my stuff, will ya? It's a mix of hip hop instrumental tracks and some folk noodling.
  13. Well what I notice is that the soundholes are different. The deluxe version holes looks like the ends of a loudspeaker and the regular one has like some weird sort of regular f holes. But aside from that I don't know any difference.
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