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  1. It looks like the one I have owned new since 1967 complete with missing the "E" from the pick guard. Very nice.
  2. As the original owner of a 1967 Rivoli I would say yes unless I'm missing something.
  3. OldPlucker


    Very nice. Its one of my favorites
  4. I see you got drawn back to the Rick and you've already dressed this lady in the black silk. The blue is a beauty and it's less common than the Fireglo and the Maple. Very nice. I still love my maple 4003. I liked it enough that I sold the EB to help cover the costs. I bet that combination sounds awesome.
  5. Except the links says "Coming Soon". When?
  6. So, how about the Gibson Lifetime Warranty? Wouldn't that cover the electronics?
  7. Sweet. How's it playing for you? Sorry I haven't been on here in a while otherwise I would have responded.
  8. My first was in 1962 and right before I decided I wanted to be a bass player. It was a mid 1950's Les Paul Jr. in sunburst.
  9. OldPlucker

    EB 2014

    I am still loving my 2013. I gather I was lucky. I am still thinking about changing the strings on the EB to the ETB92's. The t'bird has been changed to the ETB92 strings. This is an older photo.
  10. You better keep the wife because she might get the guitar in the divorce. LOL Seriously, you need to explain the collect ability of the guitar to her. Mine has gotten upset with me over the years; but, usually gets over it after I explain why. I hope the Ric is all you expect because I keep seeing mixed reviews on the lack of consistency and QC. That is a beautiful guitar. I would hang on to it.
  11. That's one way to solve the dilemma oaf choosing the color. Very nice. Here's mine with D'Addario ETB92 stings :
  12. I was not immediately drawn to the walnut finish or the SG Standard; but, I must say seeing yours with the ETB92S strings is a beautiful Axe. Congratulations on your acquisition.
  13. No gear; but, my daughter gave me a gift card top Guitar Center and I ordered a set of D'Addario ETB92 Nylon Tapewound Medium Gauge Bass Strings for the Thunderbird Classic Pro IV.
  14. I lean towards "fiery redheads myself". I was s tame auburn in my youth (more grey now); but, my daughter got the fiery red and the temper to match. That being said, your Reba is activating my GAS, I would need to sell some other toys to get that. Then I would need to sell the Rickenbacker to finance the lawyer after my wife divorces me. On top of that, it would be another bass I would be afraid to take out in public for fear of chipping or scratching it. My Rivoli never leaves the house.
  15. Very Nice! I like the name.
  16. I love the Epiphone Classic IV Pro. I have received a lot of compliments on the look and sound. Th neck is thinner and the USA Gibson Humbuckers get some great sounds.">
  17. Amen, on the "Wayyy over the top". Here is a copy of the 1967 price book. Look at the Fender Solid State Bassman. I haven't seen any of these out these used.
  18. No sound samples yet. I was away from playing for more than 40 years and I am just now starting to feel comfortable jamming with my friends. Still having some mistakes; but, fewer each time I play. I thinned the herd to 3 basses. The EB, my original 67 Rivoli and now an Epiphone Thunderbird Classic Pro. Each of these sound very nice through the tubes; but, distinctly different.
  19. 50 years ago, I was 14 and wanted a Fender Bassman so bad; but, lacked the funds. Ended up with an Ampeg B-15. 3 years later I had the money but the Bassman was only 50 watts so I bought the Kustom 200B with 2-15s. Fast forward and a cup;le years ago I found a 67 2-12 cabinet on Craigslist. The last weekend I found a 1967 Blackface Bassman head (supposedly a AB165) Main modification is Master Volume where the 2nd guitar jack had been. It sounds good except there is a hiss. It was worth the wait. I plan on removing the master volume and replacing the tubes and knobs and a few minor corrections. In the meantime, the cabinet and amp settup is complete. The EB through Bassman head sounds great.
  20. "the more I know about people, the better I like my dogs." ― Mark Twain Good for you. Your patience is paying off. This is one of the guard dogs I have to protect my guitars.
  21. My fear is dying and my wife selling my guitars and other goodies for what I paid for them.
  22. Here is what I intend on keeping, two Epiphones and a Gibson. Interestingly, all three came equipped with Gibson pickups. The two Epiphones are close to identical to their Gibson counterparts. The 1967 Rivoli was identical to the Gibson EB2 with the exception go the headstock and logos. They both were hollow bodies with the EB0 pickup. These are the ones I need to part with because my G.A.S. got the best of me since the first of the year.
  23. Congratulations. Glad I could help activate your G.A.S.
  24. Thanks. You have some fine basses of your own.
  25. I picked it up last evening. Didn't get much time to play it; but, it looks fantastic. There is a little buzz with the strings; but, I'll check that out tonight.
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