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  1. What these two gentlemen found was the same as as me I've had my Gibson for over a year now and I've made a few upgrades New Locking tuners with white buttons a firestripe pickguard and the largest jumbo frets made today a good setup with bone saddle and nut and new Western Mini pickup
  2. I'm 61 years old now and back when I was 15 years old he was my #1.....Well he still is.....
  3. I Believe The ToneRite worked on all my guitars and my Mandolin
  4. I really like the Jumbo Fret wire too bending the strings is effortless and IMHO the tone and playability was enhanced in all aspects I'm now going to save up and get this done to my Gibson Southern Jumbo 12 fret Special I just love these frets
  5. I took my Gibson J-15 down to get set up with a Bone Saddle and Nut with a K & K Western Pure Mini and Jumbo Fret wire 118x058 Jescar Gold I learned about the Jumbo Fret Wire enhancing the sound of guitars "Mostly Old Martins" from Dan Lashbrook So I found a Guitar Tech in Van Nuys Ca "Eric's Guitar Shop" http://www.ericsguitarshop.com/ Eric did a excellent job on all the work I picked it up today and I'm very happy with the sound, my J-15 was very good sounding before but had some odd sounding mid frequencies that I hear on a lot of newer J-45s with Tusq Saddles after
  6. Jeffrey Foucault of RedBird and Mandolin Orange are my favorite right now Jeff plays a Gibson J-45
  7. Very nice, strong singing and the J-15 is one of my favorite guitars made by Gibson
  8. I think these Standard Shifted bracing Gibson J-15 are the best sounding guitars made by Gibson Bozeman
  9. If the guitar has Bear Claw the wood is stiffer and it will sound better with more headroom
  10. Wonderful, I always love your songs Reminds me of Johnny Cash and Tom Waits, but better
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