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  1. Not at all, I think the shorter the better...there is a pin that locks onto the string that holds it in place not the winding wrapped around the tuner that hold the string in place
  2. There are many different brands but here is how they work I know these are not traditional but I like them for ease of changing strings
  3. Things I've done to my J-15 1 new locking tuners 2 New Firestripe J-45 pickguard Things I'm going to do 1 New Bone Saddle and Nut set really high 2 Remove Element pickup and put K&k pure mini pickup with mic 3 Fret job with Stevie Ray Vaughn frets Biggest Jumbo frets made Like in this Video I've already talked with Dan
  4. I don't know but that J-35 Collector's Edition sure looks awesome
  5. I was thinking about these two Gibsons myself has anyone compared the Southern Jumbo 12 fret and the J-35 Collectors Edition I like the looks of the J-35 better but I like the idea of a 12 fret any more thoughts on this ???
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