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  1. Anyone else live around the DC metropolitan area?
  2. Inupiat


    Volbeats awesome! Sad Man's Tongue is probably one of my all time favorite songs
  3. Strings on a guitar are like brakes on a car. The harder you work them, the more you replace them. Wear Em out swap Em repeat
  4. I'm glad i bought mine when i did! Prices are definitely up. Brings me to question, when I buy guitars; I work out a deal I think is fair on both ends buyer and seller should be happy. How much do you guys haggle yours down?
  5. Congrats! Nice looking guitar!
  6. I play a 2014 LP Standard through an Orange Tiny Terror, I already had a Digitech RP 1000 multi effect that I used with a Shecter Hellraiser(sadly no longer have) initially I was leary of tone getting muddied through the RP 1000 with the LP but I was pleasantly surprised it's next to nonexistent! It's really a great board almost all in one for pedals; overdrive, chorus, delay, and even has a looper. Also has different modeling options of amps and cabs. It is pricey but less than getting all of the pedals separately
  7. Inupiat

    BB pros

    Thanks cap master for the reply!
  8. Inupiat

    BB pros

    I am getting a hum when I coil tap to single coil. Anyone else have this or should I be worried?
  9. Nice PRS Raymond! I eye balled that exact model/color before I got my Standard
  10. Thanks Johnny! I'll check that
  11. Hello all, I recorded a few ideas through Cubase and the volume is really low, does anyone else use cubase? And if so, how can adjust the volume so it's at least halfway decent? Also, It was recorded through a Digit ech RD 1000 to Cubase. Here are the recordings Soundcloud.com/inupiat
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