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  1. Let me add to my previous post - I just realized you said it was a natural finish. The $2,500 average eBay price is what I'm seeing for Tri-bursts. I believe the natural finish is worth more - you would need to do a little research - but $2,700 may not be a bad price, depending on its condition. You can check them out by doing a search on eBay - put in something like "gibson les paul custom 1968 reissue" then click on "Completed listings". I know there is a live auction right now for one with a natural finish and the Buy It Now price is $2,850. So again, tradeoff between: lower price but not being able to see it in person and play it vs. paying slightly higher price + tax but being able to see it and play it before you buy it.
  2. Well, here's my thought. You can probably get one on eBay cheaper. Here's the pros and cons: If it's in new/mint condition, these are only fetching about $2,500 on eBay, so buying at GC would be paying a little premium (they have the overhead of a physical store). However, if you bought one off of eBay, 1) you never get to see it in person and play it first, and 2) you have to put some faith in the seller that the description is accurate - that the condition is what he says it is. This confirmation may be worth a $200 premium to you. And don't forget sales tax - you will pay it at GC, you won't on eBay. I am offering this advice on the experience of buying and selling Gibson guitars on eBay since 2001, and buying and selling 2 Gibson Les Paul Custom 1968 Reissue Tri-Bursts on eBay in the last 3 months. Hope this helps!
  3. Got the guitar. It has a '60s neck. I'm happy. Wish it was a little flamier, but oh well. Awesome sound through my Marshall. Thanks to all.
  4. Thanks for chiming in. I drove to Guitar Center in Toledo today, and they had one '68 reissue hanging on the wall. I gotta say, in the sea of guitars on that wall, this guitar stood out like the Holy Grail. So I checked it out. It is an '08 model, and it has the slimmer neck. I think that confirms it for me that '08 (not just '07) GC '68 reissues have the slim neck. Thanks to those of you who commented. Rock on!
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