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  1. Thanks, both replies give me some good notion what to try out. The joy of learning how to DIY guitar set up / fixing! I've been playing about 2 1/2 years, and have so far ignored this area of knowledge. But as my ear gets better, the little things that I did not notice before, start to bother me. And as I notice more how issues like temperature, seasonal changes, etc., throw things outta' whack, I think I'll definitely want to know how to tweak things myself as I proceed on this journey. Is there a generally recognized "best" online FAQ / walk-thru for "electric guitar set up for du
  2. I have Epiphone Dot Studio which was professionally set up about a year ago, and then not played much. I recently started playing it more and noticed two issues: 1. Fret buzz on B string from 1st through 5th frets. 2. D string intonation slightly off, gets about 10 cents sharp at the 12th fret. I first raised bridge till fret buzz was gone. However, this threw off the intonation for most strings. D string now off by 20 cents, G, A and low E are all sharp at 12th fret by about 15 cents. (high e and B strings still intonate properly for whatever reason). I next tried to adjust sa
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