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  1. Thanks for writing.. Yeah.. I just checked out the bridge and it is an after market replacement.. everything else looks original.. it's just the rubies that are throwing me off.. I just saw a white model with the same gems.. going to see if I can find the original bridge..
  2. Very Strange old Flying V.. Has the number "C100" impressed in the back of the headstock. Fake looking rubies on the V shaped, string through body, tail piece and the Nut and headstock. The Guitar is black and the pots are dated 1980. The name "Gibson" looks like its some kind of plastic, The pickups have "patent applied for" stickers and appear to be old. Solder work looks old too. Gold Hardware throughout. Looks like the bridge was replaced in 1984, according to reciept. The gold in the bridge does not quite match. (Thanks for the input on this) Have never seen anything like this before. Plays like silk.. http://s840.photobuc...V?sort=3&page=1
  3. I got it from a Brit who was leaving the country and His son was in the US Marines. I asked about the Green Bay packers stickers and all He said was He hated Football..Weird response.. :) I purchased several guitars from Him and they were all stickered in the same way with the marine emblem and the Brit flag on the pick guard. And those strange reflective numbers on all the units. I got em all so cheap, I ain't complaining.
  4. Thanks for the response.. Yeah, the pelham looks similar in the green, but this custom is a dark transparent green over a lovely wood grain. I spoke to an 80 year old luthier from Kalamazoo, who told me there were a bunch of "one off" colors made in 75 and 76 for the bi-centenial. But can't seem to find anyone else to back that up yet.
  5. Just posted new Photo's I have a 1976 Deep Green Gibson Les-Paul Custom. Anyone have any info on it.. it seems like a strange duck. there is a receipt of purchase from august 24th 1976. There is a sticker on the body, I removed the rest and there is no staining, so they can't have been on there very long. Has a nice sound and everything seems original. very fast neck. Beautiful deep wood grain http://s840.photobucket.com/user/eddyboy1980/library/1976%20Green%20Gibson%20Les%20Paul%20Custom?sort=3&page=1 My Guitars: 1972 Les Paul Custom Black 1973 Les Paul Custom Black (sanded) 1974 Les Paul Custom Black 1976 Les Paul Custom Black 1976 Les Paul Custom Dark Green 1976 Les Paul Standard Natural 1976 Les Paul Standard Natural Blonde 1976 Les Paul Artisan 1977 Les Paul Artisan 1979 Les Paul Standard Custom Paint 1981 Les Paul deluxe Gold Top 1983 Les Paul Standard Cherry Burst 1988 Les Paul Custom White 1 1988 Les Paul Custom White 2 1993 Les Paul Standard Gold Top 1993 Les Paul Standard Cherry Burst 1964 SG Cherry 1999 SG Cherry 2001 SG Light Burst. 1978 Flying V Cherry 1982 Flying V Black 1993 Flying V White. 1976 Explorer Brown 1976 Explorer RWB 2007 Reverse Flying V Natural 1 2007 Reverse Flying V Natural 2 mid 60's EB0 bass Sparkle Black
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