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  1. I bet it's the pickup selector switch that's causing the volume drop.
  2. You already have a Strat, a most wonderfully versatile guitar for playing the blues. You could invest a modest amount of money into an Epiphone Les Paul Special II and tune it to Open G, also known as Spanish tuning. That will give you a great instrument for playing a whole raft of classic blues tunes, especially if you get yourself a slide or bottleneck. If you do go down that road, try taking the heavy E string off and play 5-string Open G like Keith Richards.
  3. Thanks for posting pics The Convert, gloss black is timeless and classy. The top pic looks like a patient waiting anxiously on the operating table. :)
  4. I don't think the Alnico Classics are sub par. Try lowering your pickups and playing through the Champ model on your amp. A good cable from guitar to amp also helps.
  5. Different electric guitar tonewoods affect the envelope of the notes played. This variation influences the attack, sustain, decay and release of the note and consequently has a bearing on the string vibration nodes that are amplified by the pickup. This envelope shaping is felt by the player and translates into a tactile response that equates to the phenomenon of 'tone is in the fingers'. In conclusion, I disagree that it's all about the pickups although they do play their part in shaping the e!ectric guitar tone.
  6. After adjusting the saddles for correct intonation, a couple of my electric guitars have the D string furthest from the nut than the other strings Am I bothered? No.
  7. Sister Rosetta Tharpe played a mean SG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeaBNAXfHfQ
  8. I do like your idea. I would do away with the neck pickup altogether, retain one set of volume and tone pots in the positions of the existing volume controls. Real ebony fingerboard, vintage fretless wonder frets, trapeze tailpiece and some locking tuners. I don't mind the Epi headstock and I would name it the Custom Custom.
  9. Use the low impedance volume and tone to control the active pickups and the other high impedance volume and tone to control the passive pickups. Forget the coil split switching as it would really be a redundancy issue if you plan on using that mix of pickups you proposed. Good luck!
  10. Good luck with the new guitar!
  11. Here's a relevant thread with a quote from Epiphone distributor. Loose trussrod
  12. The 339 trussrod assembly is not fixed at the heel of the neck. In fact, adjusting it into a neutral position will allow it to be slid out from the channel under the fingerboard. The 339 double acting trussrod keeps in place via friction. Some 339 owners have been freaked out when the truss rod has slid out. If your trussrod is defective, I'm sure that Epiphone would issue a replacement.
  13. I have done the same thing as mfowler to my ES 339 PRO and came to the same conclusion as his. There was definitely a difference. I know this because I was having difficulty with my right wrist when I was doing a lot of recording with my 339. After I raised the stopbar by half a turn from the initial position that was bottomed, I found it much easier to pick and the strings didn't feel so stiff thereby alleviating the pain somewhat. I'm more interested in reading about real world experiences, either it makes a difference or not. 'Bunkum', or it's equivalent, was levelled at Galileo ba
  14. I see prices in the UK are increasing again. Epi ES-339 PRO is now £369.
  15. Here, I got the new knobs today. Might take it to the gig tomorrow. Mouth is better now and I can sing again. :)
  16. Factory strings can be hit and miss. My 2014 LP Standard came with a nice set of Gibson Brite Wires but I don't know what was on my 2014 ES339 PRO, they were absolutely rubbish.
  17. I've had my Pelham Blue LP Standard for six months now and think there are other knobs that would look better on it. So, I have just ordered four gold speed knobs as a treat to cheer myself after having a couple of teeth out and suffering the mother of all infections. A couple more days of antibiotics and then the knobs should arrive. I promise to post some pictures in a few days.
  18. I've been playing the humbucker version for a year and I still love it. Only thing not ideal for me, is the D profile neck but that seems prevalent on the majority of semi-hollow guitars. I used to play an Oscar Schmidt semi-hollow and that was the same. Other people love the D shape so that's no criticism of these wonderful guitars. Factory strings on mine were terrible and that's no real problem when you can swap them for your favourite set. One thing I did that improved playability, from the point of view of bends, was to raise the stop bar a bit. Congrats on your new guitar
  19. Yes. Select the ohms setting on the meter, contact the jack socket nut with one probe and contact the pickup wires with the other probe. Whichever pickup wire gives you a meter reading of zero ohms is the ground connection.
  20. I've got nothing against fair wear and tear, but instant shabbiness just screams 'cheap' to me. I paid £69 for my Epi 339 case. I got a case for my Epi LP with heavy duty mock croc covering for £49. The disparity in quality obviously indicates to me that the Epi cases are lacking in value. This is a shame when the only alternative for a 339 case is the monstrously expensive one by Gibson.
  21. They look nice when they are new but they soon look shabby if you don't take extreme care. It's almost as if you need a case to put the case in.
  22. I think a Les Paul Custom Pro would look fantastic in Cardinal Red with gold plated hardware.
  23. Dunno what problems you're having with your hand but I do hope it improves. Before you take the plunge, if you decide to buy a bass, you must try an Ibanez SDGR (Soundgear) bass. They have awesome 'Wizard' necks that are a breeze to play. I speak from experience here, having arthritis in hands and played bass in bands.
  24. I put my 339 neck over my knee and gave it a good push, and it's fine now. Treat 'em mean and keep 'em keen.
  25. The fabled manual (just a piece of paper really) says you must take the guitar to a qualified technician for truss rod adjustment. Not sure why they sometimes give you an alien key.
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