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  1. I'm getting the feeling that the responders here are missing the point of the question. Tony (the OP) is a professional guitarist and he seems to be concerned about a potential problem with his Nighthawk rather than the way things generally are in the world of electric guitars. Maybe the squealing is due to the lack of wax potting in the Nighthawk humbucker pickups.
  2. That's a really nice job Willy! Looks like it came out of the factory like that. Good luck Ourtang, hope you get fixed up soon.
  3. I bought one recently for my ES-339 Pro and I'm really happy with it. I don't gig very often so road worthiness wasn't really a consideration, but I think it would start to look distressed fairly soon if I had to take it on the road. The lid needed a push to close it at first, but I tightened up all the screws that hold the partitions that form the accessory compartment and it is perfect now.
  4. Looks very fine to me also. Everything bar the knobs is original including the Maxon pickups. I think it would have had gold reflector knobs originally. All in all, I think the price is fair considering that it is probably superior to the pancake body Gibson original.
  5. My gut feeling is that it is a rarity, rather than a fake. It looks early 80's Japanese. A high end model judging by the fret edge binding, good quality possibly African mahogany 2-piece back and 1-piece neck, good quality fingerboard and 2 hole truss rod cover. Electrics are on a circuit board similar to the Japanese Tokai Love Rock from the 80's. It may be one of the fabled Matsumoko models from the late 70's. They were certainly capable of high quality workmanship. Headstock logo is same as the Matsumoko built Epiphones.
  6. Congrats, that is a sweet guitar. I like how the latest Epiphone Special has the Les Paul model logo on the headstock. I don't think it needs a pickguard, looks fine as is.
  7. Whoa! I'm going to check my strap buttons, right now.
  8. I think this might explain it facebook link
  9. I had a Kasuga Barney Kessel copy that was new in 1972. It was a sample that was sent to John Hornby Skewes but they never distributed it. That guitar model was eventually marketed with the Shaftesbury brand name. I bought it from a luthier who did repair work for JHS and was told it was a one-off in England. A few years ago someone in the UK posted a picture and enquired about that very same guitar on the Vintaxe guitar collectors' site. I wrote to them and I never heard anything back from them. Good luck, I hope something turns up. Stranger things have happened.
  10. Are they meant to be an aged version of gold knobs, like the amber switch tips simulating aged cream tips, or were amber knobs ever a standard fitment to the Les Pauls of yore?
  11. I bought my ES-339 PRO in January this year at a local store for £299 and the lowest online price from a few sellers was £285. Now I notice that everywhere the price is now £339. In February I bought my Les Paul Standard online for £249 with a free gig bag and most other online sellers offered it for £245. The retailer did state that it was a limited offer. Now I notice that all the online sellers are selling Standards for £299. The price of other more expensive models don't seem to have changed though. Anyone else noticed?
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome! I have been drawn back to the fat humbucker sounds lately, after years of playing Strats and P90 guitars. With these two guitars I can cover everything from jazz/funk to heavy rock. The Les Paul has quite a chunky C-profile neck and is quite comfy despite my small hands. I'm sure this extra girth contributes to the fat tone. The nut is made of synthetic bone, quite hard. The 339 PRO on the other hand has a nut made from PVC and is fairly soft. The 339 neck is a slim D-section that is also comfortable in the hand.
  13. Hello all, I'm a newbie on here and it seems like a very sociable place. My first Epiphone was a sunburst ET-290 which I acquired in the late 70's. I fitted DiMarzio PAF's and it was my main stage guitar. Anhow that guitar is long gone but about 10 years ago I bought an Epi G-400 Vintage. Nice guitar made by Unsung factory Korea but the SG neck dive issue ruled it out as a keeper unfortunately. Just after Christmas I was shopping for a 335 style guitar so obviously I had to check out the wonderful Dot. While at the store, I noticed the 339 PRO and I really liked it. Choice of cherry or
  14. I changed my 339 switch tip from black to a cream one. I think they were originally cream then they must have had a shortage of those and now they fit black ones. Hardly a project but hey, whatever makes you happy.
  15. Ibanez TSA-5 is a great 5-watt tube amp that does clean all the way up with the addition of a built-in Tubescreamer overdrive if you need a boost. I got mine for just a little more cash than the price of a Tubescreamer pedal.
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