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  1. i have the worn cherry studio.love that guitar.it was missing two tuners but i found a whole set on ebay for cheep
  2. My smart phone isnt smart enough to upload pics but will keep tryimg
  3. My worn cherry epi firebird is complete.thanks to my friends at the vintage fret shop.i was able to find 6 used tuners and a tone and volume control knobs.Ben set the guitar up beautifully.we put .11s and its tune open E.awesome action.i really dig the neck.happy easter and have a great day!
  4. Thats awesome man,i love my epi's
  5. Im wondering if epiphone used the same exact tuner gibson did on their studio firebird.i need parts for one and i think the other one has a bent shaft so i am gona have to replace it.thanks,jonathan
  6. Im using the app on my phone and dont see how to upload pics.im gona get my notebook so hopefuly that will help.am thinking about get the yellow lp with p90s.have you checked one out dave?
  7. Im realy loving my epi lpc.its white but bad ***.i have 7 epiphone solid bodys.im not playing my firebird yet.i just scored a roland 16 traak recorder for 50 bucks.thanks dave
  8. My epi firebird has two tuners that are missing parts and one is bent.any ideas on part resorces?
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