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  1. So I took the guitar to a shop for setup a while back and the guys there had no idea what they were doing. A month or so later I noticed that they also scratched the finish around the height adjustment knobs on the bridge, all the way down to the wood in one spot! It's a Les Paul Special (so a flat top) with an ebony nitro finish. I don't mind dents and scratches from wear and tear but seeing these ones from just carelessly scraping pliers on the finish really irritates me! Any suggestions on how to make it look nice again? Pics:
  2. Hi all, A couple of the strings (G and low E) need a little more length to intonate properly. I watched all the videos on how to flip the saddles and tonight I eagerly sat down and took off my bridge and... hey where's the retaining wire? Oh. C-clips. Great. Can you remove these and put them back on in order to flip the saddle? How? Would it be better to just buy a 3rd party bridge with a little more distance to it? If so, any recommendations? Thanks!
  3. @Black Dog awesome, thanks so much! I'll read it over tomorrow and see what I can do!
  4. Thanks, that would be awesome to take a look at that setup guide! And yeah, I'm kind of dreading trying to turn the saddles around, because from what I read the only way to get at the retainer wire on a Nashville bridge is to take off the strings and take the bridge off. What a pain! Oh well. Fingers crossed!
  5. Thanks @Jerbear114. I got this guitar about 20 years ago, then stopped playing, so it hasn't been played much but it has had strings on it all that time. I don't think it was set up well (if at all) from the factory since it always had buzzing frets and poor intonation. I recently got it out and tried to set it up on my own and now the action is great but intonation is still off. Half of the strings intonate correctly, and half are still sharp. And yes, as you can see, even the ones that sound correct have the saddles all the way down, which indicates that something isn't right. I h
  6. Hi all. I see all kinds of online discussion about tailpiece height, and how the strings should not rub against the edge of the bridge. But I don't find anything about whether it's OK for the strings to rub against the holes in the tail piece. Here's a picture of mine below. You can see that the strings are making contact with the top of the holes on the tailpiece. Is that OK? Or does it affect things negatively, or weaken them?
  7. Hello everyone. I have a Les Paul Special SL Humbucker, black SL ("sans lacquer") finish. (I think this means it's polyurethane?) It's got a lot of pick marks on the body. Not scratches, exactly, look more like light grey scuff marks. But they don't come out with just a damp chamois. Anyone know a good way to clean these off? I can find a lot of cleaning/polishing info on the web out there, but I don't know if it's relevant to the "sans lacquer" finish. Thanks Sean
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