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  1. So nice, that's such a beauty, I have been gassing for a j200 myself, wow she's a beauty, congrats on your acquisition!!
  2. There is nothing more sweet than sitting down with a j45, the world seems to melt away, congrats on your new guitar!!
  3. Very nice choice, those 3 on a plate look great! Great work
  4. Nice that's a wicked idea maybe I'll give it a shot on my next purchase, thanks for the info much appreciated
  5. The j15 is nice, but I'm not sure how walnut would hold up after time as bridge and fingerboard material? I was under the impression that walnut is a softer wood? Maybe I was mistaken. Tone wise I much prefer the j45, pretty had to beat that classic sound!! I agree with the looks aswell, I do appreciate and love the look of a nice piece of spruce au natural but I have always leaned towards bursts on Gibsons. Martins I think look funny with bursts, mostly anyway, well there a few exceptions lol The j15 doesn't look quite right for some reason though, just like the j35, I don't like how the fingerboard does not extend to the sound hole. I do like the pearl sound hole inlay, a single ring pearl inlay on a j45 would be very sexy!!
  6. Wow they look great, James does a wicked job, best pickgaurd's I've seen! Do you have any pics of how you paint the back of the pickgaurd's? Do you have him send you the adhesive and then apply it later? Is the adhesive already cut to the size of the pickgaurd ordered? What made you think about painting the back of the gaurd?
  7. Hi all, I'm very new too recording, mostly use my iPhone 5 too record some practice sessions , been pretty helpful in making me a better guitar player I'm now ready to try recording my own music and I'm wondering if this is a good starting point? I'm Very new to recording and I'm looking for something easy too use and not too expensive, I'd like to get everything I need for under 500$ ( extra mic, monitors ) I think that's all I'd need to purchase extra after the package? Anyone have experience with the focusrite bundle? Am I headed in the right direction? Your help is greatly appreciated!!
  8. Lol parlor man that's true but slash has serious chops This guys got that cocky look like he's king , and that guitar makes it all the better King *** , I hope you see this thread
  9. Some very sweet pics here , keep em comin I'm really diggin the tortise on the j45 too
  10. I'm dying to try this guitar Id love it if my local long and mcquade would get one in (not that I'd buy it there lol but I'd love to go play around on it for a while!!)
  11. I love that flower inlay but man those Grover's just look wierd
  12. That's one strange lookin guitar, and that guy looks like a big time duche
  13. I find after a half hour or so of playing my j45 really starts too sing, but maybe it's my fingers have had a bit if a work out and I'm fretting cleaner notes ? Either way, you got a sweet guitar, play and enjoy
  14. Ma that Greg can hit a guitar and really make the differences pop right out at ya! Great reviews, I think the j45 kills that j200 and hummingbird tone wise, although I am gassing bad for both a j200(in rosewood) and a hummingbird (in quilted maple)
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