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  1. I got 55 secs into it before my ears started to bleed. One less reason to wander over to the Strip. (it's only a 20 min drive)
  2. Congrats on your retirement and thank you for your service. I walked out of the Air Force door in 2003 and I have no idea where the time has gone. Retirement number two is already on the horizon. I think the -339 is a good choice.
  3. Beautiful! I think the 90s and early 2000s are the best Gibson ever produced. I would guess about $3400 but you can get a good idea of it's value on Reverb.com.
  4. Got as far as this and saw no reason to look at one of the new LPs: https://wildwoodguitars.com/product/031850326/2005-gibson-les-paul-standard-2/?cat_id=32 Sadly, being I already have an '04, I can't justify another...
  5. Faber USA sells the long post... https://faberusa.com/product-category/faber-conversion-bridge-studs/faber-extra-long-abr-1-6-32-studs/
  6. What FZ Fan said... Richlite is a poor substitute for the real thing. How much a fingerboard relates to a guitar's tone is debatable, but my ebony board -355 sounds richer, fuller than the richlite -355. I would go further and say Richlite is the hallmark of the beginning of the Gibson decline after the feds raided the factories.
  7. And that's why I now own two (ebony and richlite) and looking to get rid of one... guess which one? 😉
  8. I saw him in Tokyo in April. if he's suffering you wouldn't know it. 2013, 2016, 2019... he gets better each time I see him.
  9. I no expert (far from it), but I currently own a 2014 ES-355, bought new in 2014, and paid roughly what they are asking for the -355 your looking at. I also have a 2009 -355 w/ Bigsby I acquired earlier this year. I think your main concerns should be the overall condition of the guitar and does it come with a money-back return policy. It's been my experience that -355s hold their value well. There are numerous threads on here with pros and cons of Richlite. My 2009 ES-355 (yes, 355s are my fav) has an ebony board and there is a noticeable difference in tone between the two (same pickups in both). The 2009 is warmer and richer in tone. Is this because of the difference in fingerboards? I don't know as there is also 5 years difference in construction, as well as the 2009 has a Bigsby. But they are both fantastic blues machines. As for -335 vs -355, the -335s I've owned were lighter in weight, and brighter in tone than the -355s. I sold my -335 when I acquired a -345 (with Varitone). The -345 is basically a dressed up -335 and most have the Varitone Circuit. JMHO and hope you find this info useful
  10. Who knows? Admin is mum on the why's or wherefores. As one of the 'poor' members of the community, I can only guess I gave someone a case of butthurt. I can only go down from here 🤣
  11. Having been a bit of a gym rat for the past 30 or so years, I've found the trick is to find physical activities that you actually enjoy doing. It doesn't have to include going to the gym, but the key is to get your body moving.
  12. Excellent reference: https://www.stewmac.com/How-To/Online_Resources/Hardware_Installation/Are_you_supposed_to_slot_Tune-o-matic_bridge_saddles.html
  13. Yes, they should be slotted. Get thee to a luthier if you don't know what your doing.
  14. I just noticed the Community Reputation on the profile page. Who determines what your 'community reputation' is? Are we in high school again?
  15. Taking my lovely wife out for the afternoon topped off by seeing Santana at House of Blues in 'Vegas
  16. Send a pic and the serial number to Gibson. They promptly respond and will send additional info if they have it.
  17. Oh.... FFS.... I'm done here.
  18. Does this mean you'll be changing your user name to "No Balls Bill"? \:D/ I appreciate everyone's inputs. Everyone has different likes/dislikes, and buying a guitar, an expensive one is no different. It would be one thing to knowingly buy a 'floor model' and expect, and fix, any blems. This one was new and to me any marks, scratches, dents are unacceptable. Would you take a new car off the lot with a blemish and tell the stealership "ah, it'll buff out". F-that.
  19. Hoffee www.carbonfibercases.com
  20. Ha! Yeah, yours was in my shopping cart briefly before I decided to go with bourbon burst. Always go with your first choice...
  21. It's definitely a scratch. And actually it is darker than in that photo which leads me to believe someone already tried to wipe it off.
  22. Yes, I think your right. Thanks for pointing that out. I had focused on the scratch. I'm not real impressed with this Graphtec nut anyways. I prefer unbleached bone nuts and had I kept it, that was first ,on my list.
  23. No ebony. Just beautifully aged, dark rosewood. I absolutely love this guitar.
  24. So, seeing the new Standards, I figured I'd give one a shot from Sweetwater: It arrived yesterday and then I saw this: Maybe I'm being picky, I don't know. But this scratch behind the nut really disappoints me. If it came from Gibson that way, shame on them. It definitely came from Sweetwater that way and I can only say so much for their "55 Point Inspection". Yes, it's going back. I'll be sticking with 90's and 2000's Gibsons.
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