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  1. This photobucket watermark is pissing me off
  2. I'm in love. 1991 LP Standard... My Dirty Blonde URL=http://s304.photobucket.com/user/longemd/media/Screenshot_20190325-1545482_zpsiaaeommk.png.html][/url]
  3. Premature HNGD: 60's Bourbon Burst
  4. Love 'em all. What really caught my eye was the realistic price tags!
  5. Maybe try wearing an arm sleeve to avoid skin contact. That's saved the finish on mine.
  6. He's got some sort of neuropathy issue where he can't stand for a whole concert. He breaks up his shows now doing acoustic sitting down, about half-way through. He seems to be picking up steam again over last year though. He's doing the Royal Albert Hall next month and reviving the Crossroads Guitar Festival in Sep.
  7. We just came back from a week in Tokyo on vacation. We caught Clapton at Budokan (third time) and I swear he gets better with the passing years. Career number 3 will be Japanese House Husband \:D/
  8. Hmmmm..... you may be onto something there.
  9. No AF Base there. Iwakuni is the closest base (Marines). Lived in Osaka as a civilian by choice with my Japanese wife ;-)
  10. Mike_L


    Sweet. Enjoy! I love the white. I saw a similar deal on a 2007... right after I snagged a red wine custom
  11. Retired AF working for an airline. Based in Guam and commuted from Osaka. Living in 'Vegas and commuting to San Francisco now; and looking forward to moving back to Japan after retirement #2 \:D/
  12. I can't find the repair thread with all the pics. I'll try to repost later today. Similar cracks and exact scenario described with the Martin in this thread.
  13. I will probably just hang on to it and donate to a music school when I'm gone. There's nothing wrong with it but I stumbled across a sweet deal on a 2009 -355 w/Bigsby. I don't need two.
  14. Hello All, I'm looking to sell my 2014 ES-355. The neck cracked (small) during shipping, which I had the professionally repaired in Osaka ( where I was living at the time). The guitar is in excellent condition with light player wear. There is no hint of it ever having a cracked neck, nor the repair performed. It would be easy to just list without mention of the repair, but I won't allow myself to do so. My question to you all is how much depreciation should I mark down my selling price?
  15. I can't believe no one has chimed in on this so I'll take a stab at it. Chances are you have an ebony fretboard. There is a visible difference between the two but it can be hard to see the grain in the ebony. I've seen 2012 LP Customs with Richlite but not before. I have a 2007 LP Custom that's got an ebony fretboard and my 2009 ES-355 has an ebony board. However, my 2014 ES-355 has Richlite. Hope this helps.
  16. Belated Happy Birthday Eric! He's playing at Budokan in Tokyo 2nd week of April. I'll be there for the third time in six years. He gets better every year.
  17. My first, and so far only, Les Paul Custom is a 2007 in Wine Red. I'm partial to 1990s to early 2000s Les Pauls, and there are many out there to be had in great condition for less than what this new one is going for. I've owned 2013, 14, 15, and 16 Gibsons, but after my 2007, I won't buy anything built after 2010. IMHO the quality of the build and materials were better back then, and the sound is incomparable. Again, just my $.02. Its your choice and what we say shouldn't matter. You may want to visit a few stores and try out various years before you make up your mind.
  18. I spoke with Gibson today.The Custom shop WILL NOT reissue COAs.
  19. I did the same pickups but went a bit further. I swapped out to wiring from Jonesyblues.com with oil-filled caps, and coil splitting pots.
  20. I'll second Rainbow Guitars. Great service.
  21. When I bought my -335 in Tokyo last year, the tech said he had conditioned the fretboard. In a short time it looked dry, cracked, and faded. In my eyes horrible compared to the rest of the guitar. Lemon oil only improved the condition for a month or so. Then I discovered Bore Doctor: Be A Fifer Timed with string changes, applying the bore doctor mostly closed up the cracks and crevices, and the color is now a rich dark reddish brown. Lovely as I imagined it always would be. Shouldn't need another treatment for quite some time now.
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