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  1. You could end up putting a lot of money into a guitar that way. 🤣
  2. Never did that to a guitar and never would. Maybe just leave it laying around the house and let nature take its course?
  3. I left my 1965 J-50 with the original rosewood adjustable saddle, I prefer the original character of the guitar and don't want to turn it into something else.
  4. My 1965 J-50 has single-line Kluson Deluxe tuners. 🙂
  5. BTW, was just looking at the Stew Mac article on tuner lubrication again. I would be very careful about using grease! Tried that on some other tuners and it it did help a lot. Then I had the guitar outside on a hot day and the grease melted, ran down the neck and made a mess that was hard to clean up.
  6. That guitar looks like my 1965 J-50's little brother - nice! 😀 Bridge/saddle looks exactly like mine, it is rosewood. Apparently plastic and ceramic saddles were also used and can still be purchased. I kept the original rosewood in mine, it's a pretty distinctive sound and some people don't like it. Why not just leave it as-is and form your own opinion over time? I never heard of an adjustable saddle causing a guitar to "collapse". 😱 The tuners are also like mine. I spent considerable time trying to recondition them, but IMO the problem is that those old Klusons are just stiff. I bo
  7. I sometimes use a DeArmond pickup in my 1965 J-50 (see my avatar photo). I did drill a hole for the jack, was a bit nervous about that but it turned out fine. I have considerable woodworking experience however. If you aren't comfortable doing that, you could have a luthier do it for you. Yeah, you could just let the cable hang out the soundhole, have seen a picture of Lightnin' Hopkins doing that with his J-50 in fact. I tried it at first and found it very awkward (not to mention ugly). But you might try like that for starters, just to see if you like the sound and then drill a hole later
  8. Yep, I got the CD with the "bonus tracks" many years ago too!
  9. I always really liked that too, still have the original LP that I bought in 1970, although I ripped it to my media server years ago. Unlike some of you, I get no pleasure from messing around with old vinyl records. 😁
  10. Just got a copy of Big Joe Williams live at Gerdes Folk City in 1964, it's great. https://music.apple.com/us/album/big-joe-williams-at-folk-city-live-remastered/1444040166
  11. Well you're probably not going to find it in an 11-year-old dormant thread posted to the Gibson acoustic guitar forum. 🙂 Perhaps try posting here? https://forum.gibson.com/forum/83-gibson-usa/
  12. That's unfortunate. But the "you can never have enough guitars" philosophy is pretty common around here. 😂
  13. Quite a collection! Interesting that you gravitate towards the 1975 J-50. A 1974 J-50 Deluxe was my first acoustic, I bought it new and it's one of the few things that remain from that part of my life. Whenever my daughter's family visited, my son in law headed right for the '74 J-50, it was by far his favorite - even though this vintage of Gibson acoustics gets very little love here (one of the people posting in this thread likes to say they sound like they're "stuffed with T-shirts", LOL). Mine has a pretty unique sound and is remarkably LOUD - much more than my other guitars. He liked it so
  14. I had bad luck with Snark several years ago, stopped working after a few months. Got the Peterson Stroboclip and loved it. A few years later the plastic cracked on the clip but I came up with a pretty good repair. Mentioned it in a thread here and another member who works for Peterson saw my post, sent me a PM asking for my address and mailed me a replacement clip, totally unsolicited. Still working great today, I have no complaints! Got one as a gift for my son in law a couple years ago.
  15. FWIW, Guitar Center's site shows new antique natural and cutaway versions in stock, plus a few used ones.
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