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  1. I'll give you a case of toilet paper for each! ๐Ÿ˜
  2. I like the 60's J-50 Original myself. I've got a real 1965 J-50 and also a 2008 J-50 but always thought a combination of the two would be just about perfect. Modern Gibson sound with the skinny neck that I like on the vintage guitar. It sells for $2500 and is in stock, but I just can't justify that expense. There's a great old Skip James song, "Hard Times Killin' Floor" with a lyric that sticks in my mind.... "If you think you've got money, you'd better be sure". But we might see better guitar prices in a couple months. Both companies and individuals may decide that whatever cash they can get in a hurry is better than an inventory of guitars. This just seems like a bad time to buy an expensive guitar.
  3. Put me in whatever "category" you choose. That range of dates is really due to the amazing availability of all the bootleg recordings on the internet today. I made a tape of my (ex) Mother in Law's "Great White Wonder" album back in the early 70's (she was an old hippie who knew Ramblin' Jack Elliot and met a young Dylan at a party in the Village). Ihad some other tapes, but never heard things like the Finjan Club or Folksinger's Choice recordings (two of my favorites) until very recently. Later in the 70's and 80's, I had a number of his newer albums and enjoyed them at the time. They are still OK, but just don't do much for me today. But the more recent stuff is painful to my ears. Seriously.... if that was some guy you'd never heard of instead of Dylan, would you still listen to it?
  4. No argument there, and I wish him well. But, thanks to the magic of recording, I can still enjoy what he was at age 20. For those of you who still enjoy his work.... that's great! But I'm just not interested anymore, and thought this thread needed at least one dissenting opinion. ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Well, I'll be the party pooper here. Listened to less than a minute of that and couldn't stand anymore. Sure, the lyrics are interesting. But whoever that guy is, it's not the Dylan from the 1960's that I admire. Just depresses me to see - and hear - him now. What I admired about him was his youth, enthusiasm and the incredible desire to make it. I still listen to those early recordings every day, but just have no interest at all after 1964. For me, 1962 is the Dylan I love. You can have that old guy.... sorry.
  6. When I was looking at audio software, I tried Reaper but really didn't care for it. Will it import iTunes projects like Logic does? BTW, I see that the free trial is now available at the link I posted above. If you give it a try and have an iPad, be sure to download the free Logic Remote app. It gives you a very nice control surface/mixing board.https://apps.apple.com/us/app/logic-remote/id638394624
  7. If you've wanted to check out Logic but didn't want to spend the money, this is a great opportunity. Have been using Logic since 2012 myself, and it's great. If you have been using GarageBand, it will import your projects. They have never offered any free trial of Logic before. They also have a 90-day free trial of Final Cut Pro now (previously it was a 30-day trial) https://www.apple.com/logic-pro/ [edit]I don't see a link for the free trial yet, but it's supposed to be available soon, according to several Apple sites. The FInal Cut Pro trial is available however: https://www.apple.com/final-cut-pro/trial/
  8. ....But you are a "gear basher". ๐Ÿ˜‚
  9. Indeed. Like I said, my 1974 J-50 was repaired in the late 1980's and has been fine ever since.
  10. Sorry... but that looks a lot like the beginning of what happened to my 1974 J-50 Deluxe (which I bought new). After about 10 years, it became un-playable. The bridge also split. Got it fixed in the late 1980's and it's been fine ever since. Now, I didn't take care of that guitar at all, it sat leaning against the wall most of the time and was abused by kids and pets. I never heard anything about "humidification" back then, and the case was a total POS made out of chip-board that offered no protection. Nevertheless, it is still going strong today (after a re-fret and neck planing back around 2014). I gather that this kind of crack is common on Gibson guitars of all ages. Have read a lot about it on their electrics.
  11. I'm wondering what caused the "tacky" spots... to me that sounds like "sticky"... did you mean something else? Did the guitar come in contact with any bug spray - or did you ever use bug spray (like "Off") and then play the guitar? I had a big problem from that myself a few years ago. I had sprayed my t-shirt an hour or two before playing, but it made the whole back of the guitar sticky where it was in contact with my shirt. I let it harden for a day, then used the Virtuoso cleaner (NOT the polish) which helped a lot, but didn't completely cure it. I think you will find that any other product that contains alcohol can also soften up these old lacquer finishes. Not going to test myself, but be careful with those alcohol-wipes! This also raises a question of how to disinfect a guitar if you purchase one today. I suspect that Lysol spray would also be bad.
  12. Geez, I just use my real name. That's the person who always looks back at me in the mirror.
  13. My guitars are sitting on stands in my little studio room, out in the open. I use a regular "drug store" type humidifier (aka vaporizer) to add humidity as needed, and strive to keep it around 50%. That isn't very difficult all year around. In the summer, even with the window air conditioner running all day, it never drops below that level. I have a 1965 J-50, 2008 J-50 and a Martin D-15M sitting out in this room. Absolutely no problems with this approach, which I adopted about 8 years ago. It makes me happy to see my guitars, and I don't get much pleasure from just looking at a case. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you're really concerned, then I'm sure you'll get lots of good advice from others here about case humidifiers. But I'd say, just monitor the humidity in the room and use a cheap humidifer to control it as needed in the winter.
  14. Yep, that is definitely not a J-45. Were they using paper labels in 1962? I have a 1965 J-50 and there is no label, the center splice (cleat?) is just stamped "J50 ADJ BRIDGE" . I had the idea that this was what they did in the 60's.
  15. That is just crazy, but according to this article you only have your own local ordinances to blame. ๐Ÿ™‚ https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/retail/coronavirus-in-australia-the-nationwide-law-that-makes-toilet-paper-still-so-hard-to-get/news-story/88d319c4b3e0cf4cf62a68bf190950d8 "The problem isnโ€™t that Australia is running out of products, authorities say. Itโ€™s that supermarkets canโ€™t keep up with the unprecedented demand. Ordinarily, the hours that a supermarket can receive stock are limited to reduce noise pollution in residential areas, where many shops tend to be located. Itโ€™s a curfew that virtually every council around the country imposes."
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