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  1. What they said. Looks fake to me also.
  2. I'm surprised by how often that commercial still runs around here, I see it several times almost every day. Maybe they think that message doesn't play well in Texas? 🙂
  3. IMO... wrong. If somebody knew nothing about Pete Seeger, then it would be burned into their brain as "the song from the Volvo commercial".
  4. Hey, that is very cool - thanks for posting. I got my J-50 Deluxe in 1974 and that price ($350) matches my recollection. 🙂
  5. I usually do one at a time, so it's close to being in-tune when I'm done. Maybe once a year I take them all off to clean the fretboard. But on my 1965 J-50 ADJ, I think it really is better to only do one at a time. If you remove them all, then the rosewood saddle makes a lot of creaks and pops when I tighten the strings.
  6. Is it the "Modern Classic" J-50 with the big silver Rotomatic Tuners? They were introduced sometime around 2005 but don't know how long they made them. I have a 2008 J-50 Modern Classic and really like it (I changed the tuners to Kluson vintage 3-on-a-strip though). Paid $1500 for it at Guitar Center (a large US chain store) back in 2012. It originally sold new for $2000 in 2006. The neck is a bit fatter than I prefer, but not so much an issue of the nut width but the "fatness" of the profile. This bothered me for awhile (my hands aren't especially large), but I eventually got used to it. Gibson made some limited edition J-50's during that time period also, with vintage style tuners instead of the Rotomatics. They were more expensive and I have never seen one in person, not sure if anything in the construction is actually different from my Modern Classic. But there were several years (2012-2016 maybe?) where Gibson didn't have a J-50 in their standard line-up at all. Here's an archived page from 2009 (courtesy of the "wayback machine") for the J-50 Modern Classic https://web.archive.org/web/20090107024437/http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-GIB-RS50AN-NH
  7. Good point. In the front view, the base of the headstock is closer to the camera and in the rear view the top is closer, so perspective makes the closest part look bigger.
  8. "Northcityblues"? LOL 😂
  9. Does seem pretty extreme, this is my 1965 J-50
  10. Very interesting, never saw anything like that either. My 1965 J50 ADJ has the 3-on-a-plate style tuners.
  11. Here's some info and a video of the commercial. This might have been my reaction if they didn't use that Seeger song... "Here’s a clever little story. It makes you smile with its relatable scenarios about two parents’ everyday “saves” of their twins." But it's a Swedish production, so maybe they don't quite "get" Seeger... I seriously doubt this is what he was trying to convey when he wrote that song. 😉 "We want to show how the Volvo XC60 and XC90 are the ultimate family cars." https://www.thestable.com.au/forsman-and-bodenfors-volvo-a-little-internet-humour-that-every-parent-will-understand/
  12. He actually discusses that incident in an interview I saw somewhere, I think it was "The other side of the mirror" documentary about Dylan in Newport. He said he was just joking and really his only issue was all the distortion from the sound system. 🙂
  13. Just saw it again (seems to be running a lot) and evidently the connection is that this upscale family's "hardships" of getting the kids off to school in the morning and changing the baby's diapers are the equivalent of "hard times in the mill". And they are indeed fortunate because the Volvo automatically applies the brakes when dad backs out into traffic without looking.
  14. Just saw a Volvo ad that featured Pete Seeger singing "Hard times in the Mill". Wow, I wonder how he would have felt about that song being used in this way? I'm probably missing something but just don't understand the connection between a song about the hardships of working people with expensive Volvos.
  15. Boyd

    J 45 Lemon ?

    Maybe he could post a video of himself playing the Lemon Song? 🍋
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