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  1. No new guitars, but today is NHD ! 😎
  2. Boyd

    60 today

    "The reputation system enables users to earn reputation points when other users react to their content". So, basically, it's a popularity contest. See the documentation for the forum software: https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/how-to-use-ips-community-suite/member-preferences-and-features/reputation-reactions-r171/
  3. Pretty sure you won't need those for the tuners in your earlier link. The spec for those tuners calls for a 13/32" hole (for the nominal size 3/8" tuners). The StewMac bushings you linked to are for installing "vintage" style 1/4" tuners. Personally, I really prefer the vintage Kluson 1/4" tuners and replaced the Rotomatics on my 2008 J-50 with them a number of years ago. But that is significantly harder than just swapping tuners. Installing those bushings is not trivial. 😉 and there's also an issue because the oversized washers on the Rotomatics will probably leave a visible mark on the front of the headstock than will need to be sanded/polished away. I had no problem doing all of this, but I'm experienced with tools and it took awhile.
  4. Thanks! It's only been a few years since the last time Martin re-packaged these strings. They used to come in a box with three paper envelopes of 2 strings each inside. I was a bit put off by the new sealed soft package from an aesthetic point of view, but it was actually a big improvement. It was not unusual to find rust spots on the strings in the old packaging and I've never seen that problem with the sealed packs. Will get some of the new ones and give 'em a try. I'm down to my last 2 packs of the old ones.
  5. I 've been using the Martin Acoustic SP Medium (MSP4200) for the low strings (E-A-D) and Martin Acoustic SP Custom Light (MSP4050) for high strings (G-B-E) for a few years now and really like this combination. So just now I went to several of the usual places, and it seems that nobody has them anymore (Guitar Center says they are only available in the stores). So what's up with this? Are these "Authentic Acoustic SP" strings the replacement? From you post, it sounds like they have just been re-packaged/re-branded. BTW, I have been buying strings and other stuff from Elderly Instruments for quite awhile. Today when I went to their site, it. didn't recognize my account and there was a message saying that if I haven't logged in since April 2019, I will need to create a new account. What kind of nonsense is that? Was their site hacked? Not going to waste time on that when there are other places to buy things.
  6. Related to the early Bob Dylan thread.... have you ever seen "The Other Side of the Mirror"? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4679260/ There are some very funny looking 1960's home-made windscreens on the mics in those outdoor venues. And the wind is a-blowin' hard too! 😁But they seem to work really well.
  7. I really love the old Dylan stuff from the 1961-1964 period and have dowloaded or purchased everything I could find - my playlist is about 17 hours long. That's actually about all I've listened to for the past year or so. "Roll on John" is one of my favorites and so is "Moonshiner", although I'm not familiar with "Moonshine". 😉 If you find a track that you like online, download it while you can because tomorrow it will probably be gone, this stuff gets taken down frequently. Just about all my favorite YouTube links no longer work. I also get "video unavailable" from the link in the OP here. However, this could be a country-specific thing, because copyright laws are different depending on where you live.
  8. I'd be really surprised if a company like Stew Mac would sell something with an illegal copy of the Gibson logo. But maybe best not to get one anyway, since it will give you cancer. 🤣 "WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm"
  9. Back around 1970 when I was in college, we did a dramatic reading of a play where the actors had their scripts on music stands with lights. I was the lighting designer and thought the bright stand lights were too distracting , so I put blue gels on them for the final rehearsal. The cast came out on stage, looked at their scripts and freaked out because the pages were blank - they thought it was a gag. But the problem was that the scripts were printed on a ditto machine (some of you are too young to remember those ). Blue light makes blue print invisible. 😄 We pulled the gels off the lights and all was well.
  10. Sure, that makes sense. Spend a couple thousands dollars on a guitar made in some arbitrary year just because it's kind of cool. 😎
  11. Can you explain the fascination with "birth year guitars", because I totally don't get it. Seriously, what's the point? Something to brag about? If you need (or want) another guitar, why not just choose one on its own merits?
  12. I didn't think the OP wanted to use his tabs on stage while playing, he said he wanted to be able to "organize and use" them on all his devices so I was thinking it was for practice. Maybe I misunderstood? But the last time I played with my son in law, he was using some kind of chord app for his bass and never looked up from his phone, LOL. We were just having some family fun though, not playing in a club. 🙂 Anyway, I don't really use tabs either, but have a big collection of lyrics and chords in text format and a few spreadsheets with tuning info. I use MS Office 365, it works on almost any device, subscriptions are pretty cheap and include a huge amount of cloud storage. The "home" version is $100/year but you can share it with 5 other people who each get 1TB of cloud storage and can use it on 5 different devices. If you don't already have a subscription, maybe you have a friend or family member who is not using all 6 of theirs? You don't even need to be a family member to share a plan.
  13. Boyd


    I can think of better ways to welcome a new forum member who has a serious question. 😉 Eric: I have a 1965 J-50 that is probably very similar. Welcome to the forum! It would be fun to see a picture of your J-45, here's what my J-50 looks like.
  14. It was obviously just a flood of spam posts. Happy to see that the moderators have cleaned it up - nice job! 😎
  15. My mother gave me my "funny name", never felt the need to show how clever I am by inventing another one. 😁
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