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  1. About all I ever get is a nice post from my daughter on my facebook page. But that's OK, when you're retired and on your own.... every day is father's day! 😎
  2. Yep, my D-15M says "C.F. Martin & Co, Nazareth PA, Made in U.S.A" . 🙂
  3. I have a Martin D-15M. It's a nice guitar, and it got me back into practicing daily after many years of neglect when I retired in 2011. But then I got my old 1974 J-50 deluxe fixed and later got a 1965 and a 2008 J-50. I hardly ever play the D-15M anymore, it sounds kind of dull compared to the Gibsons. I guess that's just personal preference though. Nothing wrong with it, just a different kind of sound. I like the simpllicity of the D-15M, however it does seem a little "cheap" compared to the Gibsons. But I suppose that's to be expected with a ~$1000 guitar. If you're looking for a Gibson sound, you won't find it in the D-15M IMO. But you should go play one for yourself. I will say, its strong point is beautiful-sounding open chords. It definitely has the "Martin sound" for those.
  4. I don't think it's gone, look at the heart icon at the bottom right of each post. I don't have any warnings, but I don't have much of a reputation either. Art imitates life? 😄
  5. My only issues have been a sore left hand and sore finger tips. What kind of physical shape are you in generally? Do you exercise daily? I do push-ups and sit-ups every day.
  6. My '65 J-50 has a DeArmond pickup. 🙂
  7. I hated the sound of the under-saddle pickup on my 2008 J-50 and was sure I'd never use it. So I had my luthier remove it when he did the first setup. Seemed to improve the sound, but not a big difference.I agree... it just felt better getting that junk out of there! 🙂
  8. I don't see a way to delete attachments either. Maybe they go away when you delete a post, but I doubt it. So, basically this feature is still useless. Regarding post editing, I'm sure that was done for security reasons. A favorite trick of spammers is to make an "innocent" post, then come back later and add spammy links when nobody will notice. They do this on the assumption that links to their website will improve their Google search ranking. I'm all for controlling spam on this site, so I don't have a problem with limiting the time you can edit a post. And maybe it will make people think twice about what they post when they realize they can't change it later. 😉
  9. That's what I have pointed out elsewhere... don't get too excited about how easy it is to post photos now. 😉
  10. I think a .46MB file will use your entire storage allotment for the site. Click on your name at the top right of the page and go to the "My Attachments" link. It shows how much space you are allowed. It says 500KB (.50MB) total for me.
  11. It's funny how everyone is posting images here. The maximum size of 90KB is still very restrictive, but the user interface is nicer. I'll bet there is still a storage size limit for all your images. That was quite small in the old forum software and you would hit it after just a few posts. If that hasn't changed then you might later regret posting images in this thread. 🙃 [edit]Just checked and the storage limit appears to be the same as before - a total of 500KB. So, that would allow you to post a total of 5 pictures at the maximum size of 90KB each. That's kind of a joke in today's world. In other words.... don't get too excited about posting images, and if you plan to do so then you might want to delete the ones you posted here. 😉
  12. No problems here. But what you describe sounds like it's related to "cookies" that are used to store website info on your computer. Check your browser settings, they might be preventing the site from storing this info on your computer. If that doesn't help, try deleting any cookies from this site. The way to do this varies with the browser that you use, but a Google search should quickly find the procedure for you. Just be sure that you are only deleting cookies for the Gibson forum, and not every website.
  13. Glad to see they updated the software, that was long overdue. And nobody else has noticed a major change... the site is now using a secure https connection. 🙂
  14. A dead guy's estate is suing a lot of big companies for copyright infringement... https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-48348401 The estate of Harold Arlen - who wrote such American songbook classics as Over The Rainbow and Get Happy - is suing some of the world's biggest tech firms.Arlen's son, Sam Arlen, says he has found more than 6,000 unauthorised copies of his songs on Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft's services - often at lower prices than the originals. His lawyers claim the firms are engaged in "massive piracy operations".
  15. I had to read though everyone else's comments to even get a clue of what the OP is talking about. Calling those "dents" and "chips" is a stretch IMO. Looks fine to me. Enjoy your new guitar! The last time I bought a new Gibson was 1974.
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