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  1. FWIW, Guitar Center's site shows new antique natural and cutaway versions in stock, plus a few used ones.
  2. That is certainly easier, but one of the main reasons I replaced my Rotomatics was to get rid of those big, ugly washers. 🙂
  3. That's Donald Duck, singing the blues about how Daisy Duck done him wrong. Mickey Mouse came along and Donald began ranting and squawking about about Daisy. Mickey said, "Calm down Donald! So, Daisy is acting a little strange, what's the big deal?" Donald squawked back "I didn't say she was acting strange, I said she was f***ing Goofy!!!"
  4. I always thought CFM meant "Come F*** Me" (such as "CFM shoes", for example). So perhaps someone with "CFM on the headstock" might "do a certain thing for you". 😂
  5. Has the supply of used guitars increased as a result of the financial hardships people are going through? Seems to me it has, but I'm not paying very close attention. If so, maybe there are more bargain-hunters now and they are wondering if some of the prices are "too good to be true"?
  6. It was merely my opinion that the song is "inappropriate" for a Volvo commercial, I have no power to "declare" anything.
  7. Well, I started this thread and I'm not from "some little social media group" (whatever that is). I was doing the dishes when the commercial came on in the other room and I thought "cool - Pete Seeger", so I went and checked to see what it was. I was literally shocked to see the video that accompanied that song. I'm guessing that others may have just done a search when they first saw this commercial - if you type "seeger volvo" into Google, this thread is the first thing that comes up! Why would you need to be a member of a "little social media group" to do that kind of search? I don't hate Vo
  8. You know it's a bad weekend when spam about toilets makes your day.
  9. I've had a D-15M since 2011 and like it. But the sound couldn't be more different from a Gibson. Not a bad thing, just different.
  10. Looks a lot like my 1974 J-50 Deluxe. But something is different about the tuners/headstock. Mine has the Kluson-style tuners with the small bushings but that one has big washers around pegs, like rotomatics. Perhaps Gibson changed to different tuners in 1976? Also impossible to tell in that photo, but my headstock has a stained natural finish where you can see the wood grain. This one looks more like a black headstock from that photo. The pickguard also looks much darker (and maybe thicker) than mine, which is thin and reddish-colored. Anyway, I agree with the sentiment that there wouldn't be
  11. Thing is, *I* feel much better in a properly humidified room. And the guitars like it too. 😂
  12. Boyd


    I was a huge Zappa fan, starting from when I was a freshman in college in 1967. Still have all his old albums on vinyl from those days. I think he was a true genius and still smile when I hear one of those old songs, but it's not something I really listen to anymore. Didn't even bother to rip my old vinyl albums to disk when I went digital, one of these days I should do that. Was reading a review of that documentary and it sounded cool, so please do post your impressions. Who else saw Zappa's "200 Motels" film in a theater? I saw it at an Art House type cinema in St Louis when it first ca
  13. I got one of these two or three years ago and it's really the best small humidifier I've had. https://www.honeywellpluggedin.com/honeywell/honeywell-warm-mist-humidifier Went through several of the Ultrasonic ones, after a few months they always fail. I have well water, so maybe that's the problem? Used the kind with the big wick/filters for several years. They worked OK, but those filters are expensive and need replacing every month or so. But this warm mist one has really been trouble-free. Yes, there is a build-up of scale on the heating element but that's easy enough to clean. I
  14. "If I had rubies and riches and crowns, I'd buy the whole world and I'd change things around" Or... maybe not. 😂
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