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  1. I ordered an SG Standard with the MinEtune last week. Waiting for next batch to come in. I've wanted an SG for awhile and thought I'd give the MinEtune a try. Basically cost me $100 more. If I don't like it, I won't have a problem sending it back. Rob G
  2. I missed out on the crazy year-end prices from Sweetwater and AMS earlier this week but managed to work out a deal with MF for a Natural Burst SG Standard with the min-ETune. Better late than never I suppose. Tried to work in their "Black Friday" 15% off deal into the close-out pricing. Was able to get some but not all of it taken off. Have been wanting to fool around with alternate tunings so maybe this will make that a little more user friendly for me. The guitar wasn't actually in stock but more are expected to arrive in a few days. Hope to have in my hands by the end of next week. I know the deal, pictures or it didn't happen. Rob G
  3. CB - Beautiful guitar. Thinking about picking one up for myself if I can make it work. Unfortunately for me it is going to have to be an "over the phone" deal so it will be sight unseen, and more importantly, I won't be able to try it before I buy it. Is the actual finish more "worn" where the surface isn't completely filled in and smooth or is it more of a "satin" finish where it has a smooth finish but just isn't glossy? Thanks! Rob
  4. Received a Kingston Tele copy in 1974 for a Christmas present. Played it for awhile until my big brother decided he wanted to "borrow" it. Found it a few years ago collecting dust in his junk room and brought it home with me. It was in decent shape considering 2 of my nephews used it to learn how to play. I cleaned it up and replaced the bridge and saddles. Frets are worn down big time in a couple spots but still plays alright. Currently residing in my son's room who is learning to play now.
  5. Congrats! I ordered one just like it yesterday. How do you like it so far? Rob
  6. Thanks for the input! I pulled the trigger on the Cream CC. Just too good of a deal to pass up. Should be delivered on Monday. Rob
  7. Don't usually spend much time on the Acoustic Forum. Glad I dropped in yesterday. I picked up a copy at GC today. Thanks to everyone for putting this information out. Have been looking for something like this for awhile. Rob G
  8. Update to original post. Looks like I can use an MF coupon to take another 15% off of the CC. So now there's about a $300 difference between the CC and the Traditional. 60's neck vs 50's neck. Baked maple vs rosewood fret board. Same pickups. People with the CC's seem very pleased with them. Unfortunately I have not been able to actually to play one. None of the GC's in my area ever have any in stock. Great deal on the Traditional but the new deal on the CC seems to be almost stealing. Wish I could get one of each but that's just not going to happen. Would appreciate some advice from the experts on the forum. Is the Cream finish going to turn more yellow over time? Hope so. Rob
  9. Need some help. I've been holding out but my will is starting to crumble. Have been thinking about a Classic Custom for awhile. Was trying to pick between Cream and Wine Red. Looks like I missed out on the Wine Red. Just found out today another store is blowing out Traditionals for only a few bucks more. So what are the real differences between a Classic Custom and a Traditional beyond the fretboard? If there's only about $100 difference between the two, which is the better guitar for the money? What would you pick between Cream Classic Custom or a Traditional in Iced Tea or Light Burst? My wife is going to kill me. Rob
  10. The switch on mine went out within the 1st week of owning it. Contacted Gibson Customer Service and was directed to the nearest repair center to have it fixed. He replaced the switch and even did a set-up for me at no cost.
  11. I manned up and went to the concert. Survived DC traffic and enjoyed the show. He can still get it done. I even liked some of the new stuff that he played. Glad I went.
  12. I won tickets to his concert tonight in Vienna, VA. Have to pick up the tickets on the way to the concert...about a 2 hour drive for me to get the tickets and then to Wolf Trap for the concert...through Washington DC traffic. I'm a casual fan of his music, like him but don't love him. Wondering if it's worth the drive? Rob
  13. RobG


    My wife likes Rush but my daughter loves Rush. She's seen them 3 times with me over the past few years. She appreciates their musicianship. Guess I'm lucky.
  14. RobG


    Congrats on the Vox! Have dealt with AMS a few times, no problems at all.
  15. I have a DRRI and love it. Understand some people have reported issues with DRRI's but haven't had any issues with mine.
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