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  1. Thanks Spamonkis The ELItist, are they still making it? I understans what you mean, I am 5 minutes away from going after the Gibson. Thanks for your help carlosjuan62
  2. The problem seems to be that the Elitist Casino is not available from Epiphone anumore, they are not making it for some reason. I tried contacting the compâny to no avail. Anyone has some info? carlosjuan62
  3. Thank you much Aster. I played the Gibson ES 330 today and it basically has the same electronics of the other two Casinos. I must admit that the sound of this baby is fantastic!!! The big bucks difference is what's keeping me. What do you think? carlosjuan62
  4. Allo Everyone I'm in the process of buying a Casino for myself, a big Lennon devotee. I have looked into the Lennon inspired and the Elitist series. Is the Lennon inspired really made in China? How about the Elitist? Can one even compare these two guitars to a Gibson ES 335? Thanks, carlosjuan62
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