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    Happy to say I bought one of these a few weeks ago after playing it and really liking the neck and fretboard. Hated to trade in my Epi Nighthawk from Indonesia but I really like this guitar. The P90's are my favorite and I agree this is a guitar you just PLAY! You don't really look at it in the case or have to rub it down after playing. It will never look worse than it does new!!! I like that. This is my second Gibson after many Epiphones, many which were just fine. I also have a 2015 Les Paul Special ( I know 2015 but really made well and a beautiful burst finish) but it has the slug P90's and sounds really different from the BFG. But I have to polish it up after playing. Not so the BFG! Great neck and rough and ready looks. Thought about making changes in pickup color, knobs, etc. but I don't want to lose the vibe of this guitar. So, enjoy to all the BFG players out there. Sometimes "Les" is more!
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