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  1. You know, I've always read about how terrible Gibson has gotten. But I've owned two 2012s that were perfect. And while I expect this, the '99 R4 I got is also fit & finish. Yeah, I suspect that since PLEK, Gibson has been more ON than OFF for players. Maybe not always those wanting true historics, but that's a work in progress spanning decades. And I bet most with actual historics would rather play the more modern ones (less muddy b/c the caps and magnets are new, etc) I agree, Gibson is "back" and the used market is their biggest competitor. I wouldn't buy a Fender anymore. I buy knockoffs (Suhr, Anderson, Ron Thorn, etc) but while I know there are boutique Gibsons, the real company wares don't dissuade me at all from experience. (that said, can someone sell me a 1962 left-handed 335 please? haha)
  2. db9091

    Lefty R4

    I can't match the blue book info to 1999 or 2009 as of yet, and certainly they won't have info on lefties (which cost more) This was possibly a custom shop request. I read on the other forum that 1999 was when they started COA's, but who knows about internet facts. Point is, sunk cost, cause it ain't got one, and ain't getting one, haha. The Orange Cap inside is dated: 9802, so Feb 1998, which the other forum said was what they put in the 1999. They put in Bumblebee's in the 2009. Which is weird since the original 1954 had Grey Tiger Sprauge 0.2 caps with red lettering. I found a guy who makes replicas, set for $65 in the USA so thats a "I'm soooo bored I'm gonna solder useless **** on my guitar" option, haha. The missing plastic cover is not replaceable as a historic part since Gibson doesn't make lefty plates, or make them in brown. I did ask, we'll see what they say. A Gibson parts maker CAN make a set for me. He said "set" b/c he can't match the specific Brown Gibson used. His are darker. Or I could buy a righty, drill counter holes on the other side, and see if the screw heads hold it in. But that's a $50-80+ option (ie 1970s+ used part, or find a historic cover IF they make them. Not seeing them yet) As a guitar store, he prob knew he couldn't replace this compartment cover, and failed to tell me. Didn't do fundamental research to know it was a different decade. I do better for my sales, so I expect better of professionals. I find his ethics or effort lacking. Review: PROS: * over the top bridge really does give such bending control as to be the most expressive guitar I've ever played * Intonation isn't perfect, but it's reasonable, and assuagable by the great bend ability. An intonation fixing bridge can be had, but need to request custom shop lefty for me. * the tone on every pickup setting and tone knob selection is in every case usable. Never had a guitar that did this. Usually there was a sweet spot, or clearly too-muddy, or too-ice-pick settings. These P90s and pots really give 100% sweet spots for whatever occasion you need the tone for (within reason, see CONS) The tone goes from something akin to a Tele to all the P90 glory but stops short of Humbucker ballz. As ppl say, definitely Blues and to my ears, easily Rockabilly, and for modern, rhythm to leads in a soft->slightly edgy breakup if desired. On my Kemper it eats up any clean to edgy amp. * Weight 9 lb 2 oz * Neck thickness feels entirely normal. No different than my 2012 Standard. Thinner than 50s RI Strats I've played (the ones that fret-out) Totally comfortably neck! * Action is fantastic. Low, plays and chord frets with ease. Not the easiest (ie Axis Sport) but in no way a struggle like some Fenders I've owned. Feels substantial but flows. CONS * lack of TOM means intonation suffers but isn't ear-noticable to me, only by checking the pitch gauge * The tone cannot do Humbucker ballz-to-the-wallz. But that's why you get that style of guitar if you want it. On my Kemper it doesn't seem to like high distortion amp settings at all. * Low E buzzes along entire length. Only that string. So either it's a Bad String, My Heavy Hand, or the Bridge needs a slight raise. My luthier says likely an old String married to my Thumper Thumb. I do not hear it when amplified, only when playing dry and even then, not one that bothers me (which is good and unusual) * The case is crazy used, stickers, missing plate, but all the straps are perfect, handle great shape, inside good. No case candy at all, just some weird electronics for an amp?!? The guitar has nicks and scratches on the back and ends but the goldtop is in great shape and all those mars are normal-wear from a working man's guitar. No real prob with them, except it's worthless as a collectors guitar, haha (I knew this buying it of course, not my intention) Bottom line, one of the best guitars I've ever owned, both my LPs actually. I used to think I hated them, now that I've owned real ones (not knockoffs or Epis) I see why the buzz. It's spot on.
  3. Fantastic! Only issue I have with them: they're righties! Other-than-that, giving a guitar brings way more joy than selling one. I've done it 5 times and haven't regretted it once. I've regretted selling a few tho!
  4. db9091

    Lefty R4

    It's in the mail. Will arrive Wed. or Thur. It's just unsettling that I had to find out info the seller don't know after having it on the auction block for 7 months. Lefty is a hard market to sell in and a historic w/o papers I'm sure isn't a high demand for a lefty who can just buy new easier than lurk for a "might be" hassled. Me? I want an R4 and I don't want it to be fake. I doubt anyone would go through the trouble for a reissue, so I'm not too skeptical. So far, Gibson just said it's a 1999 and gave me the 2009 specs and said they're the same except for the caps. Bumblebee in the 2009 (the fake Gibson ones) Is that true? I thought there were changed in the 2000s?
  5. I'm pretty sure I heard Lewinson mention this before, perhaps during an interview for his book. I clearly remember the "4 songs each and 2 for Ringo" quote. But it sounds MORE like an "IF we stay together, this will be the format" vs "we are doing this" so in essence it is saying "we ain't staying together b/c me and Paul are gonna want more space than 4 songs each. A sort of passive-aggressive way of saying "this spells the end of us" b/c Georgie is growing up and the house ain't big enough for all.
  6. I've always admired The Who's amazingly powerful rock sounds live and have only heard David Grohl approach it (must be a student of their state craft) Reaffirms that these guys were ingenious talent in multiple ways beyond far seeing song craft and chops.
  7. 1) You want P90 pickups 2) You want a guitar already built with them. You're not Dr. Frankenstein. Don't cut up guitars. They become entirely unsellable and who knows, when you go, maybe the wife can get a buck out of it still if it's original and not cut up. OR if it's not what you thought, you can return/flip it. Not all transactions are forever if you choose the ones that don't say "as is" or "non-returnable". 3) You deserve the guitar you want. IF in the end it's just a whim to buy b/c you're not happy about something, you can flip it down the road for the next part of your hobby.
  8. Got a lefty R4: https://reverb.com/item/19357204-used-2009-gibson-les-paul-goldtop-1954-reissue-r4-lefty-very-good-condition But Gibson tells me it's a 1999 due to the Orange Drop caps. Thoughts on it being the wrong year? It has no case candy or back cover, so the price is low, but I had thought 2009 were a bit better made and wondered if I should accept it seeing how it wasn't advertised as right, or am I being too paranoid and picky? Always wanted a lefty goldtop P90 LP, so I guess nothing changed there. Just don't want to buy a fake. Gibson didn't say it WAS theirs, but they didn't say it wasn't, just said the year. I was hoping they would verify a left-handed model of that S.N. 4 9031 Thoughts?
  9. I was watching a show on this subject where the pointed out that Hitler's initial strategy of bombing airfield and other strategic military targets altered into vengeance when the RAF bombed a big german city (Hamburg?) and he targeted London out of anger, not military strategy. This cost him the entire engagement as the RAF could concentrated on large centrally located bombers instead of them being spread out and the small RAF could amass in powerful strike forces. There was a lot made about the use of radar, but the Germans know all about radar and was initially going to destroy those, and didn't. So you see not only the supreme bravery of those fighting against large odds, but also the human failure of one mind due to hubris, arrogance, greed. Lots of good lessons. As an American, reading about the Battle of Britain, it feels like a great HUMAN achievement belonging to mankind forever.
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