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  1. While its true that Bruce Weber sold the company to Two Old Hippies (owners of breedlove, most notably), Bruce is still very much a part of the company. He still builds the higher end mandolins and custom jobs, and his son has moved to oregon to head the main shop. I dont think there will be a drop in quality myself. The above post pretty much got it right though, i own a weber yellowstone f. i love it because its more versatile than a similar gibson model. But for just bluegrass? give me the gibson everytime, gibsons have more volume, and generally a better chop sound.
  2. i agree with this very much actually but really a youtube video is not a real way to tell how a guitar sounds, so im not going to comment on the video itself
  3. I seriously doubt thats true. I dont know who makes those tuners, but its very unlikely theyre stew macs. In gibson's description of the model they make it sound like they made them themselves, i doubt that as well but its more likely than them being golden age tuners. Gibson's Description "Gibson’s 1942 J-45 Legend acoustic features period-correct strap open-back white button tuners that are identical to the original Kluson tuners used in 1942. Each tuner is painstakingly handmade for this guitar using the exact dimensions and design as on the original 1937 model, reproduced with precise handcrafted detail, and resulting in a high-quality, vintage tuner not available on any other instrument." Im sure the golden ages arent hand made btw there was nothing wrong with the original klusons at all, dont know why you think that
  4. I think I know exactly what your talking about. The masterbilts have some kind of weird metallic sounding overtone on some guitars. I noticed it on my eastman parlor guitar and the j45, but not on my lg2
  5. I also prefer daddario ej lights on mine.the gibson mb strings are actually pretty good but they don't last for more than a day or two for me. As far as the difference between 80/20 and pb. 80/20s are brighter but only for the first day or so, after that they are actually warmer than pbs of the same brand. They both will sound good most likely, I prefer pbs on most guitars though.
  6. I'm just saying what if everyone came here and advertised their guitars for sale? That's the whole point in the trading post is to post the guitars your selling. This section really isn't for that And wow do people really still say the word newb?
  7. I don't think this is really the place for advertisements. And did you just thank yourself?? Geez! Otherwise, pretty cool guit
  8. Ah makes sense. Jagger is a great actor, I've heard him say that most of his songs are actually written in some sort of character. I really like that approach to song writing. I try to emulate that myself but not as well as jagger does it.
  9. I really wish they would do an aj vs hd28 comparision. In fact i might email them and ask. Does the bone crusher really crush the bone?
  10. I would say your off base because the j29 and the d28 have very similar specs. Whereas a d18 and a j200 don't compare at all really
  11. I don't understand either. Quality in the 2000s for both gibson and martin have been equal or more often better than the 80s or 90s. And certainly way better than the 70s gibson and martin. AND I'd say much better than even 60s gibsons.
  12. That isn't jagger is it? Certainly doesn't look like I remember him Or sound like him
  13. Well, whichever one sounds the best would be my normal answer. But 60s j45s have no playability to speak of for me, so I'd take the tv without even thinking about it
  14. Yea I wouldn't even pay the starting bid price for that. It looks like it's also had a headstock break. But I'm not a fan of 60s, especially late 60s gibson acoustics, at all. They're a whole different animal than todays. Some like them, not me
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