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  1. I am also on the lookout for a good tube amp. I play my LP through a Vox VT120+ and it is loud and has effects built in. For a tube head I might like a Vox Night Train 50 or a Marshall DSL 100 ( probably switched to 1/2 power). The Marshall DSL40C seems like The best Tube combo for less than $1000. A 16ohm extension cabinet with 112,212, or 410s would give this combo some authority.
  2. I think I saw that model going for about $800 new in 2000-2004. You don't see many 24 fret Gibsons. How much fret wear did it have?
  3. My Melody Maker does not have notches in the bridge and the strings drift after some string-bending licks. Will it make notches eventually? I see the string spacing varies and move it back (and retune). Is this typical for a wrap-around bridge?
  4. YES! There is an excellent picture on the current Musician's Friend catalog of Pete's #1 LP. He has two pickup selectors added . Their placement is great- in line and out of the way. Still, I think his SG Special/HiWatt rig was best.
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    I like Old English and there is a reddish Old English that adds moisture to dry fingerboards.
  6. I got a 2014 LP Studio in Manhattan Blue and like it a lot. This is my first Gibson with coil taps. They do give it a single-coil vibe like two Strat pickups might sound on a LP. It is not brighter sounding as I expected. Does anyone else notice this? The maple neck is fine. Now I want a LP Melody Maker for some P90 sounds.
  7. I had been interested in the Fender Super Sonic Twin and the Super Sonic 100 head but now I think 6L6 tubes just won't give me the sound I want. I heard a demo of a plain one-channel Laney with EL34 tubes-nice! Also a Vox AC 30 was sweet. Does anyone feel a Fender Super Sonic is as good as a Marshall DSL 40C ?
  8. I have a chance to get this Les Paul with natural maple top, maple neck, and coil taps. OR, a 2014 Studio in Manhattan Blue. The pickups are different on the guitars. Which one would be brighter or more like a P-90 midrange? The L.P.Studio VG does not have the 120th year marker at the 12th fret. Is it not a 2014 model?
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