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  1. Yeah but I haven't the knowledge about fake gibsons when I bought, I ll call that person and try to recover my money or something like that. But If he dont want to give me back, I ll just keep going... thanks for the words
  2. Here in Brazil the police service is the worst ever, I ll try my best but anyway I ll try to study on this guitar and work honestly to get money to buy a good guitar, not like these people.
  3. I really dont know if i can got my money back, i ll ask the person but, im from brazil and here the genuines cost more than 180% of the original price. Maybe i ll go tour USA this year and if i have money i ll try to get one.
  4. Thanks for information, I lost a good money on this ****...
  5. I just want to know if I got cheated with this, because he told me is a genuine and I believed that
  6. Is from a person who i know, not online is about 1500U$, with case, maple finger, year 2000 I have no intentions about nothing, already buy that... im a drummer for 12 years starting to play guitar now, I just want to have a good quality instrument to start
  7. Man Im here to discuss not to be right... I want good opinions and with good arguments from good people, not jokes. Thanks.
  8. But the neck is angled and made with a single piece of wood, not straight like the fake one... 2 screws bell sign.. the border lines finish are perfect... is a kind strange doesnt match with the fake specs.
  9. I buy this one, but I really dont know if is real because im a drummer, not guitarrist.
  10. Hi, I want to know about this Gibson, serial is 00170461 See the pics
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