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  1. Hi it is from year 1999.. May i know how do you tell its real? Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, Need your advice on this gibson les paul custom as there are so many fake china copies in the market, i would like to ask yall if this is a real or fake .. . Looking to purchase it, i hope it is not a fake :) Thank you!
  3. Hi guys, I need help/advice on this! As there are so many china copies out there, I would like to find out from the experts here if this is a real or fake es335 as i am looking for one and so happen to find this online, Thanks!
  4. Thank you guys for the reply so far...great feedback :) May i know roughly as it looks right now, how much is it worth in value?
  5. Hi there i'm looking to buy this guitar from an online source but i need authentication whether this is the real gibson dove..
  6. Hi im looking to purchase this but i need verification from the experts here if they know whether this is a real gibson, let me know here thanks! http://www.mirudake.jp/g/titz1i8x7yar
  7. Still looking for a gibson guitar, and came across this guitar online, i am wondering if this is real or fake because i saw many videos of fakes j-200 going out there and am looking for professional advice on these images Thanks for the help in advance guys.
  8. thanks for the reply guys. Ur right, the case is an epiphone hard case..heres the pic of the back. btw what do you guys think it is worth in value as it is based on the pics?
  9. Hi guys im looking to buy this gibson sg but i am not sure if this is geniune or fake, i know that there are a lot of fakes in the market and hence would appreciate if some experts can tell me, thanks!
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