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  1. Congratulations! Gibson Mini Humbuckers are excellent pickups! I have a set in my 62/50 Sheraton. They have a lovely voice. Good luck and please paste up some pictures when you receive it! jv
  2. It took several years for me to pick my 335... They are all individuals. There are some very exceptional vintage 335's out there but IME not all of them are peaches. They may be worth more money and appreciate more quickly but they seem to vary in playability more widely than modern examples. Some play so-so just because they had the snot played out of them. I personally have played some vintage guitars that couldn't shine a dime my '14 335 - but I have played two vintage models in particular that had the approval of the angels upon them! ;~) One was an '82 that the neck pickup could make satan weep with joy. Another was a '68 that gave so much back I didn't tell my wife about it because I felt guilty! hahahaha I am totally biased but 335's are the the BEST guitar! I bought mine new because I do plan to keep this guitar for the rest of my playing days and prefer to wear it out myself. Good luck! Play every one you can get your hands on! That is half the fun!
  3. i am sure that all of the above suggestions are great but I'll add another to the mix anyway. BCS Guitars (aka Browns Custom Shop) I put one of his harnesses in my Strat and it is great. Super high quality. Turn around time for all of these guys seems to be 3-5 weeks-ish. They are hand made one by one.. Good luck, jv
  4. Man that looks like one versatile guitar. It's a beauty!
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