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  1. I will echo what has already been said... The guitar controls are your friend. I just got a CVR in April> I traded my AC15CX1 for it. It was a hard decision because the Vox is very cool. No regrets though! Mine is bone stock. I did replace all of the tubes to the Tung-Sol reissues - with the 5881's in the power sockets. Originally I thought I would trade/sell the Vibrolux because it is worth a little more than the used Vox. Now that I have had it for a few months I really don't think I am going to get rid of it. I have fallen head over heels for the thing. As to your ques
  2. Congratulations! Gibson Mini Humbuckers are excellent pickups! I have a set in my 62/50 Sheraton. They have a lovely voice. Good luck and please paste up some pictures when you receive it! jv
  3. I could make the argument for all of my guitars but my #1 is everything one could hope for!
  4. Here are some old poor images of two of my rides... The Guzzi is gone but the '61 Studebaker I still have. I also have a 1970 Triumph GT-6+ that needs, well, everything. More Garage art than car at the moment. That was my daily driver for almost 4 years. I have to get that going again. My main ride is a 2012 BMW R1200RT right now. I have had guitars and amps on it! It's kinda pain in the a$$ but riding and guitars are my thing!
  5. If I may suggest changing the harness before you go for the pickup replacement. I have recently got an ES-335 Pro and I can tell that the harness is the weak link in this guitar. I am not saying that I wouldn't change the pickups but I would not do that without replacing the harness first. For my Strat shaped guitar I bought one of the pre-fabbed kits and it made a huge difference. I am quite capable of wiring a new harness but these people that can be found on the 'net have some great kits that fit right in and just plain work. As far as the pickups go, I love my '57 classics in
  6. It took several years for me to pick my 335... They are all individuals. There are some very exceptional vintage 335's out there but IME not all of them are peaches. They may be worth more money and appreciate more quickly but they seem to vary in playability more widely than modern examples. Some play so-so just because they had the snot played out of them. I personally have played some vintage guitars that couldn't shine a dime my '14 335 - but I have played two vintage models in particular that had the approval of the angels upon them! ;~) One was an '82 that the neck pickup cou
  7. I totally agree with the others that changing the input jack will not change your tone. If the original is in bad shape it would more than likely be making noises like crackling etc. If you feel that the guitar is playing as well as possible I would change the wiring harness. There are many high quality kits around the 'net that are worth the money. Changing the harness can be surprising. A fair amount of improvement is possible. Also, I would try to find a luthier that has his/her own practice. Not to say the tech in the shop you went to is no good, but any luthier that has their
  8. Congratulations! Your gut instinct is the only real way to pick from the two! The playability issue would not really concern me had I had the same decision. Especially with a quality guitar like yours. My take on any new instrument is to play the daylights out of the thing for several weeks and then send it to my favorite luthier for a going over. Have them fix the pick guard properly and by then you will be able to tell them exactly how to set it up for you. I like to set my guitars up myself but I have always sent them to a real luthier for that initial going over. A thorough se
  9. I am sure it's normal. My Gibson ES-335 does the same thing on the bridge pickup. (Haha my Epiphone does not! ~ $$!!) There are fixes/solutions on the 'net but I have just left mine alone. If I may suggest, play the hell out of the guitar for a month with your strings etc. and let it acclimate to you and your environment. Then I would take it to a good luthier for a through setup. You'll think you hit the jackpot when it's perfect and stable. Good luck with that guitar! Every single Tribute that I tried floored me. I am not a Les Paul guy but damned if I don't have GAS for a Tr
  10. I am biased I guess but this is the best video he has made yet! Just makes me laugh every time!! FREEDOM!! hahahahaha
  11. I dig it! Cool group you have there. jv
  12. Personally, I would go with 'top hat' over speed knobs every day. They are way more comfortable for me. I can't seem to do swells as smoothly on the speed knobs. Black or gold would both look great on that guitar IMHO. Great find! jv
  13. Yes, I put the Grover 102-18N's on mine. I did consider the 602's but they do not come in nickel. I wrote Grover to be sure. I didn't realize that the posts were too tall also. If Grover ever makes the correct sized 602's with the nickel finish I would probably get them. Locking machines would be great with the stop tail. Oh well, I've been changing strings the old fashioned way for 40 years. Not a big deal. ;~) Good luck, jv
  14. Congratulations! Mine was impossible to photograph as well. Luckily the good people here know what you mean! ;~) I got an unreal deal on my '14 too. Also, I was scared that the changes Gibson was doing to the solid bodies would soon effect the Memphis line. (luckily that seems to be an unfounded worry) I wanted the dot neck. I just love feeling the rosewood under my fingers. The 57 Classic's are everything they are cracked up to be. I'm glad I didn't wait the '14's are absolutely perfect. I hemmed and hawed about the 14:1 tuners for quite a long time. I didn't want to cha
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