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  1. I guess I mis-spoke. When I press behind the 23rd fret on the G string, it "frets out" on the 24th fret. It seems like it would buzz if the 23rd were low or 24th high?
  2. My old XP2 has developed fret buzz at the 23rd (and only the 23rd) fret on the G string. I only seem to be able to mitigate it by raising the action really high on the G string. I checked the surrounding frets with a fret-rocker, nothing seems to be high, no frets visibly loose in the fretboard. Can the graphite composite necks develop a twist over time that would explain this? Since there is no way to adjust neck bow, could I shim the neck pocket to adjust the neck angle? Suggestions as to what might cause this?
  3. Thanks Bernd, perfect! Been looking for this for months online.
  4. Bernd, I think it was originally an active pickup set, it had a battery. If you can take a photo and post it here or PM me, that would be great!
  5. I have an 86' XP2 Steinberger bass with EMG pickups. I had a friend do some ill-considered electronic surgery on the wiring years ago, now I'd like to get it back to stock wiring. Is there a source out for original wiring diagrams, or does anyone have an old XP2 they could photograph the control cavity of and post the pictures? Much appreciated if anyone can help me out, tried searching the forum, but no joy.
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