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  1. https://photos.app.goo.gl/286NipENNZFwj5Y72
  2. Got it.. absolutely loved shadows of the night. Didnt much fancy fallen angels. I love dylans voice as hes aged. Goi to see him for a third time next month
  3. Please listen to beeswing ... its masterpiece about falling in love with a gypsy girl.. my favourite.. also tear stained letter. An underated artist .
  4. http://s1173.photobucket.com/user/Rabs2010/media/GibsonSGpartialreverse_zpsbnnq6ghr.jpg.html As an SG owner i take umbrage to this alteration
  5. Love the burst dc and the goldtop... cud be very interesting
  6. Been going 15 years since i was 13....probably stopped progressing at 16. But still love it
  7. My wife bought me a Boss Katana 50, 5 sets of elixers and an irig.. not a bad showing this year from her
  8. Suppose these 2 Fender american standard £420 Gibson sg standard £580 Love em
  9. I just cant shake this addiction. Even when i buy one im nearly immediately on guitar shoos websites scrolling second hand sections hoping to find a steal.... but lets face it there are much worse habits one could be throwing there hard earned cash at.
  10. Seen mark when he was supporting dylan. He is such a tasteful player with one of the most unique sounds. One of the greats
  11. 399 good price gor this guitar. I had one of the faded studios years ago and i think these are similer. If they still have the 2 bursbuckers and a 60s neck. These are just stripoed down goodness.
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