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  1. Thanks for the useful information, that's exactly what i was looking for.
  2. Hi, hope this helps. I've never seen this before. Maybe he just did the pick guard? The serial is 01201003, so its an 2001 isn't it, not a 2004, sorry.
  3. Hi all, i have been talking to a friend recently who owns a 2004 Gibson J-200 Custom Vine. It's all exactly the same as the normal Custom Vines you can see on the net and Gibson website etc, but on the pick guard there is an "RF" engraved at the bottom. He was told this is a Ren Ferguson guitar, but it's not like the other Ren Ferguson guitars where he's signed the label, it's just got a standard Custom Shop label. Also, the case has "Gibson Custom Art Historic" on it. He said that this guitar was displayed on the Gibson music stand at a fair in the US. Does anyone know if this sounds genuine? The fact it was displayed might explain the RF. I just wonder what Ren's input to this guitar really would have been?
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