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  1. My switch got physically ripped of. Broke at the place where it disappears under the body and why - I cannot figure out for the life of me. Used it one day at home. Next day I am stepping on the switch broken laying on the floor. Million dollar question - where can I get a replacement one? Seeing how bad the situation was with spare parts for transcales even when they were still being officially sold - would it possible to get an identical switch? If not - maybe someone knows of a replacement that would fit alright without needing to widen the whole (those who have transcales know that the
  2. terribly sad news if indeed so. They've disappeared even from Music Zoo too, and they sell used gear. This is such a shame really.
  3. Looks like there won't be any new Steinberger guitars any time soon if at all. He has his own NS design company now, but no guitars. Just cellos, violins, basses.
  4. For those who might be looking - Samash has some baritone strings. As for my strings history on this guitar. I played the stock ones, ultralight. Didn't like it. Sound too wobbly. Went for baritone - LOVED the sound. If anyone's interested - here's the Nick Drake cover done on these strings. Just listen to this deep sound. It's all clean straight into soundcard without eq or compressor or anything like that. Straight barebones as can be line in recording through piezo. recently, several weeks ago I switched for standards. Because Steinberger apparently cannot hold baritones t
  5. Same happened to Synapse Guitar Transcale. Not in half, but also snapped. And this happened in the hands of a guitar technicians. Warranty is probably not valid now since I purchased it a bit more than a year ago... and I am Ukraine based so it's not like I will be able to send the guitar back to the States...
  6. Hi folks! Has anyone here tried this successfully? I am carrying my guitar to a technician tomorrow, because after installing baritone strings action is too high even with the bridge brought down immensely. The manual is kinda ambiguous saying: graphite is in truss rod, it's so rigid that adjustment is not required. Yet, it gives instructions for adjustment. I read stories that new Steinberger basses had problems with a truss rod not functioning... haven't found any experiences with the guitars. So - anyone got info on this?
  7. I took off all strings. Piezo came up considerably, and springs showed themselves. instead of being tilted it became perpendicular to the line of the strings. When I wore the strings, piezo went down properly but the angle remained not the one that was initially. Should I just leave it alone or should I tilt it to the left? If so - how do I do this? this is the normal angle that was on my guitar before all strings were taken off
  8. turns out this is just how EMG 85 sounds. Tested a Synape SS-2F - same thing. Problem solved.
  9. so.. uh.. no advice? It ain't the battery changed it. This happens on both my amplifier and sound card - completely different brands. Only what's left now: change strings, change cable, look inside whether anything might be off, replace the 85 EMG
  10. oops. here's the sample file. Sample (converted).mp3
  11. Guitar: Synapse Transcale Pickup: EMG 85 Pickup distorts on clean tone rather noticeably. Appears during the strum. Now - I have made sure about the following things. The battery has been bought today. Brand new one - Duracell. Sample in the attachment is the clean guitar signal with no amplification or effects recorded through Focusrite Scarlett 2i4. I have ensured that there's no digital clipping. The indicators remained within "green" the entire duration during the recording of the sample. Even when the master knob is turned just a bit - enough for at least some sound - and the
  12. Guys, I tried to search for the strap as named on the official web-site but no luck whatsoever. Are there compatible straps, which are out there and available for sale?
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