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  1. And if so, what could I buy that are closest to the originals??
  2. Is there anywhere on the Net that I can design a custom Gibson guitar or bass and generate a quote?? I don't want to fill out paperwork or order anything, I just want to be able to see if I can afford to indulge some of my ideas.
  3. How much would you charge for a custom, say based on the studio pro, if the only change I made was the pickup configuration (p90/mini/ slightly overwound p90)??
  4. Im a bass player but am looking to get a guitar for recording. Has Gibson or Epiphone ever made a Les Paul with 2p90s and a mini-humbucker, with the mini either in the middle or bridge position?? Mahogany guitars with full-size hum buckers sound muddy to me, but since Korina LP's are so damn expensive, this seems like the option that would give the best balance of warmth and bite. If so, which specific models?? If not, has anyone modded their LP like this and could tell me how it sounded?? Thanks
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