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  1. the tone is incredible and very easy to play. it will let you know when your fingers touch the wrong string Lol it totally sharpens my playing : )
  2. the guitar is getting her fret board leveled and re fretted. complete pro set up. I kinda knew it had issues when the high e started buzzing. Craigslist buy. I still love it and will have her back before Xmas. thank u all for the nice words, I learned a lot about this guitar.
  3. thank you all for the praise of this instrument of beauty and sound. I will be taking to a shop and have it PROFESSIONALLY set up thank you.
  4. thank you for the info kind person. I was looking for a J 45 and noticed the 1 of 75 and thought nothing of it. this is my first Gibson and I am happy with it.
  5. thank you, it's still breathing in it's new home, it sounds fantastic and plays smooth. I might have to raise the strings, should i use the truss rod or replace the saddle nut hmmm
  6. hello all, I have bought me a Gibson Limited Edition J-45 Big Leaf Maple Tonewood Acoustic-Electric Guitar 2016 and it says 1 of 75 inside. it is a light guitar and beautiful. anyone have any info on this beside that it is a limited guitar Gibson put out in 2016 claiming to be hand made. would you put 13's on this? spec says .012- .053
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