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  1. Here's my SGs. 2013 Gibson '70s Tribute in the middle, the other three are epis (1961 SG Special, TV Pelham Blue Les Paul SG Custom, and 1966 "batwing" G400 Pro in order left to right). Another pic of the '70s tribute, love the stain on this thing.
  2. I just got one this week. It's a phenomenal guitar. The fit and finish is quite good, the action was easy enough to adjust to something pretty low without much buzz. Frets are smooth, well finished and close to perfect. But the killer on it is the Gibson minihumbuckers, CTS pots and the SOUND. Wow. Now that GC has the natural finish one at $499 with HSC it's pretty close to a no brainer really. One of the best guitars I've ever held in my very own hands and played. I have to make myself put it down to get work done.
  3. I bought my Epi SG Special because it had the things I wanted, like a bound, dot neck, P90 pickups, and a stop tail bridge. I got in TV Yellow because that's the color I really wanted.
  4. The whole reason for dual action truss rods is so you can set the tension in either direction if needs be. Adjust it in either direction until the relief is where you want it.
  5. The Epi headstock might be a tiny bit taller. But snug is what you want. A guitar bouncing around in a case a recipe for disaster.
  6. Agreed on all the above. Don't buy / trade for a "Custom Shop". Buy or trade for a guitar with the features you want. If you like bound fretboards, stop tail bridges, maestro vibrato, or think Classic 57 pickups are great, etc, then look for those things. Custom Shop means someone got out a little stamp and marked it Custom Shop before it left the factory, nothing more.
  7. Either way I'd wanna lay hands on whatever I'm considering. You might walk in the store, pick up a Wildkat or a Tele and suddenly realize that that particular guitar is the one.
  8. Meh I grew up playing a triple pickup SG Custom. They're great guitars. I don't think they're 4x better than a G400. IMHO. YMMV. Offer void where prohibited by law.
  9. Test a dozen of each, the best G400 will be better than the worst Standard. Now, is the best Standard 4x better than that G400?
  10. That's an awful guitar and you should immediately get rid of it by selling it to me. Awwww who am I kidding, that thing's gorgeous. I too could never part with it.
  11. Emphasis added. Symantics. OK so you came across as entitled. Is that better? Either way it doesn't endear you or make me want to find answers your questions.
  12. That guitar and a wildkat are really the only two gits I've been GASing for.
  13. Get some blue loctite. NOT RED, you need a torch to undo it. Pull the hex screw, put just a dab of the blue on the threads, put the hex screw back in and tighten to where you like it, holding it from turning while testing. Wait 24 hours. Problem solved, hopefully. Possibly the best way to install a Maestro IMHO...
  14. I do hope OP gets it worked out. Definitely look at the copper tape for shielding. I shielded the crap out of both my guitars that aren't epis and it fixed a LOT of the noise problems with them. Oddly my Epi, in my sig, has zero issues with noise.
  15. So you got my truss rod wrench, and some other lucky guy got both our cables. :)
  16. Exactly. None of us here (or very few if any) are customer support representatives and we owe other folks here nothing. We do it out of kindness. If someone wants to get entitled and sulk, please do it elsewhere.
  17. Note that there HAVE been a few fake Epi Les Pauls show up with painted binding.
  18. Love me some SG with P-90s... Here's hoping you love yours as much as I love mine.
  19. I'm guessing GC got a few samples of other colors but not enough to list in the catalog so you find odd samples in stores here and there. I've definitely found used guitars in a store that were NOT on the website etc.
  20. Odd thing is if I go to musicians friend, guitar center etc web sites and pull up used epiphone SGs none of them have their pots in that configuration the OP has on both his SGs. I wonder if this was just during the transition from Korean to Chinese made SGs that it happened? It seems pretty uncommon. If they were epi les pauls I'd wonder if they were fakes but I haven't seen a faked G400, as there's just not enough profit in faking G400s. Edit: Here's the only one on GC's site I can find that looks pretty similar to OP's: Epi SG Oh and another, a Goth SG So I guess they're common enough. Wanna bet both of those are early 2000s model?
  21. Actually OP said earlier that he had added the batwing pickguard to one of them. They both look wrong to me. SGs are supposed to have slanting 1/4" jack-rhythm tone-rhythm vol-switch in a line with treble tone-vol right under them making a kind of parallelogram. Like this: 1961 50th anniversary Epi SG (i.e. my avatar)
  22. Yep, they made them in 2011 and they just ran out of them at GC / Musiciansfriend etc this spring 1961 50th aniiversary SG
  23. It's the Eppy version, but yeah, SG with P-90s and I used to play a Gibson SG with P-90s and honestly, it feels pretty much the same to me.
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