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  1. My 2003 Epiphone '58 Reissue Goth Explorer came to me third-hand, missing the momentary switch on the third volume/control knob. I've seen quite a few in the Goth series, and they all seems to have this, so I can only assume a previous owner took it out (which seems ridiculous, just don't use it if you have no need). I have called Epiphone, scoured eBay, and contacted both AllParts and Seymour MacDonald, and none of them have the kill switch I'm looking for. It looks just like the other knobs, but comes slightly off the guitar, and when you depress it, it cuts the signal, and when you remove your hand, it springs right back to it's original position, restoring the normal signal, which allows for rapid "stutters" without effing up your pickup selector switch. Any insight into where I can order one of these would be huge! Thanks guys.
  2. Oh, okay! So if I were to bring it into a guitar tech, do you think would it be terribly expensive to have the kill switch put back and/or remove the inlay?
  3. So, I've recently come into the possession of an Epiphone '58 Reissue Goth Explorer. Going from the serial number, it is a 2003. There are several very odd things about this guitar, though. The most noticeable being the strange, Ibanez-like shark tooth inlay on the neck. Another big difference is the lack of a kill switch on the lowest volume knob. I've seen a few Goth series, and they all have that kill switch, but this guy just has three normal knobs. The last major difference is a Seymour Duncan bridge pickup, but that's easily explained, as the previous owner is 80% sure that the PREVIOUS previous owner prefers them and most likely replaced it. So what's the verdict here? Do I have a highly self-customized version of this guitar? A special edition? An early prototype? A knock-off? I have no earthly idea!
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