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  1. Yes, you're right. It was actaully an GOTW SG Standard, but the knob layout is just like an SG-3. I should clarify on what I mean't by 'tacky'. Part of that is my own bias twords the 'batwing' style pickguards. I always had a preference for the full pickguard. The GOTW guitar has a custom-cut pickguard which makes it look more like a carefully designed instrument as opposed to just putting another humbucker in the middle. I actaully don't mind the way SG-3's with the full pickguard and without pickup rings look, I believe there was one posted earlier in the thread. I've thought a number about the plausiblity of having a custom pickguard made for my SG Special that copies the GOTW version, and installing 3 blades into it.
  2. I think it looks a bit tacky with humbuckers but simply gorgeous with single coils, i've always wanted one of these.
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