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  1. Musician's Friend Private Reserve got some in, all models and colors, over the last few days. I have an Iced Tea Figured on the way.....should have it tomorrow.
  2. That "new" flat head face is awful. I would buy one if it had the normal head. Loosing the banjo tuners was bad enough, but now this is even worse.
  3. I have gold on my Gibsons, Taylors and Martins. I love them all except for the buttons on the Grover Imperials. I think they look goofy. I would like some pearl buttons to replace those. I need to find some that fit.
  4. I also put the 80/20 on my Taylor 914c. Now, Taylor ships this guitars with PB. But it sounds better to me with the 80/20. Maybe I just like brighter guitars.
  5. Looks like I could have saved myself some heartache (earache). The pack of strings in the case, from Gibson, are the Materbuilt 80/20.
  6. I did not think to look at the pack of strings that came in the case pocket. Hmmm.......go to look when I get home. It seems I will be using Elixir 80/20 on everything except the Taylor 914. I admit the PBs do sound better there.....but it is a bright guitar design.
  7. I have been using the factory spec of phosphor bronze on my 2017 SJ-200. I have been disappointed in the tone of it since buying it. I had made a bone saddle for it to replace the factory Tusq. Did not solve the problem. Basically it sounded like the strings were dead all the time, even when new. So, I stopped by GC and picked up some Elixir 80/20 Light today. put them on. W O W ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I use those strings on all my Martins. But I thought Gibby had chose what was best for this one. They were Wrong! Happy player now!
  8. My first was a brand new 1967 Fender Malibu. I wish I still had that.....but I wanted to be "electric" 2 years later.
  9. Hi

    I am the frаgile and gentle wоmаn who needs a strong and reliаble partner in lifе.

    My profilе is herе https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses Larry W

  10. Larry W

    MHS pickups

    Well....... I have MHS in my 2018 ES-335. I have CustomBuckers in my 2016 R9. I have Burstbuckers in my 2009 R9. I find that the CustomBuckers are the brightest, almost thin, sounding of the three. The Burstbuckers are smooth....with fairly even response across the spectrum. The MHS have the rawest, most organic, sound. I have to say that, in my own little opinion, the MHS are the best of the three. They really do deliver a "vintage" tone very much like the recordings of guitar from the 60s - 70s. Memphis Historic Spec. I think they nailed it.
  11. My 2018 Memphis ES-335 has the sticker.
  12. I would want the sticker in there. I thought about selling mine recently. Several potential buyers wanted a photo of the sticker through the F-hole.
  13. N I C E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! You are going to love it. I did the same thing about 4 weeks ago. I own a few Custom Shop Gibbys.....but this is the best playing and sounding straight out-of-the-box. Here is mine:
  14. I just don't like the look of those tailpiece studs on the locking piece. Can this be swapped for a non-locking without changing the anchors/bushings in the body?
  15. Well, actually, I have not checked them. Can they rattle? The ones on my 2016 Firebird T have always felt very solid. This one is on the way back to Sweetwater and a replacement on the way to me. So, what rattles on the Steinberger tuner?
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