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  2. Larry W

    MHS pickups

    Well....... I have MHS in my 2018 ES-335. I have CustomBuckers in my 2016 R9. I have Burstbuckers in my 2009 R9. I find that the CustomBuckers are the brightest, almost thin, sounding of the three. The Burstbuckers are smooth....with fairly even response across the spectrum. The MHS have the rawest, most organic, sound. I have to say that, in my own little opinion, the MHS are the best of the three. They really do deliver a "vintage" tone very much like the recordings of guitar from the 60s - 70s. Memphis Historic Spec. I think they nailed it.
  3. My 2018 Memphis ES-335 has the sticker.
  4. I would want the sticker in there. I thought about selling mine recently. Several potential buyers wanted a photo of the sticker through the F-hole.
  5. N I C E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! You are going to love it. I did the same thing about 4 weeks ago. I own a few Custom Shop Gibbys.....but this is the best playing and sounding straight out-of-the-box. Here is mine:
  6. I just don't like the look of those tailpiece studs on the locking piece. Can this be swapped for a non-locking without changing the anchors/bushings in the body?
  7. Well, actually, I have not checked them. Can they rattle? The ones on my 2016 Firebird T have always felt very solid. This one is on the way back to Sweetwater and a replacement on the way to me. So, what rattles on the Steinberger tuner?
  8. Well....... There are some bad rattles......B string 7th Fret, A string 9th fret, E string 5, 6, and 7th frets. And it seems like everyday there is another rattling fret. This guitar is Plek'd. What is going on. Dealer thinks it is movement in the wood. The build date is 5-23-18. I am in Georgia. So it is pretty much the same climate as Nashville. I have a RMA and an exchange in the works.
  9. Well, I am hoping for a slightly slimmer neck. I will find out tomrrow.
  10. I really love the look of this 'bird. No one near me has one in stock so that I can try it. Does anyone know about the neck carve on this 'bird? I also have a 2016 Firebird T. I am wondering if the neck carve is the same or something different. Gibson's descriptions are not much to go on.
  11. I also have a 2014 SJ-200. This reminds me a lot of that guitar. It really sounds like a quiet version of the SJ-200. When I play it, I never think of the Richlite. It just feels right. I is amazing how touch sensitive it is. The lightest touch brings out beautiful delicate tones. Hit it hard, it barks loudly. I don't know how they did this with a small guitar......but....WOW! I think this is going to be with me a long, long time.
  12. I saw this model on the Sweetwater site. I was looking for a small rosewood acoustic. It got here three days ago. I was really worried about a guitar with Richlite. I gotta admit, I was worried for no reason Gibson says that Richlite is 85% wood and 15% phenolic resin. Well, this stuff looks and feels like ebony. I cannot hear anything bad that I can attribute to the Richlite. This guitar is beautiful, and plays and sounds great. This may just be a keeper.
  13. Well, I can tell you this. I have two Gibson Historics, and a 1976 Les Paul. I also have two Epi Elitists. The neck carves on the Epi guitars are slightly slimmer than on my R0 and slightly larger than my Gibby '61 Ri SG. They are much slimmer than the R9 LPs that I have owned. I don't have actual measurements where I am right now. I hope this helps.
  14. Hey JasonG.... Would you mine posting a link to the hardware, bridge and tailpipe, you bought to do this?? I see their pickguard....but not the hardware pieces. Yours looks great and I'd like to the the exact same thing. Thanks in advance!
  15. That is made from spring steel...VERY hard. You will probably ruin it if you put it in a vise. Allparts has a replacement. I have not seen one up close, but there are many that say it is good. It will also correct the very shallow break angle you have there.
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